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This blog is not about bashing women who wear makeup, because we all know that makeup is a very important part of a woman’s life. It can make single women in Philadelphia feel more attractive and enhance the features they already love. It can also hide things they don’t like so much. However, some women put too much emphasis on makeup and forget that they’re beautiful without it.

Many women can’t even fathom the idea of going out of their house without mascara or lipstick. If this sounds like you, and you feel that makeup is the only way you’ll impress men, we’re here to tell you that single men in Philly prefer a simple look. They’re more concerned with what’s inside, really. Of course, men still like a beautiful woman, but they would much rather have a woman who is confident and able to go makeup-free all the time.

Today, our King of Prussia matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service will show you why less is more when it comes to makeup.

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1. It makes you look laidback.

Men love a woman who is chill and laidback. Don’t believe us? Just ask around. Really, when you don’t wear a face full of makeup, you’re kind of telling men that you’re a woman who is laidback and easygoing. A laidback woman is down for whatever, whenever. She doesn’t have to live her life worrying about makeup or hair. For a lot of single men in Philly, all those worries are a huge turn-off.

For whatever reason, men like spontaneous women who are able to go with the flow. If you are trying to score points with men, make sure you go easy on the makeup. Let him see that you don’t fret about your appearance too much and that you’re able to go with the flow.

2. It makes you look friendly.

It’s been proven that women who wear less makeup look more approachable. Don’t believe it? Check it out for yourself, it’s all over Google. Wearing less makeup makes you look less stuck up and more willing to give men a chance. It might have something to do with the fact that makeup makes you look fierce and dolled up. But a woman who doesn’t wear makeup has more of a country girl look that screams friendly and approachable.

Instead of piling up the foundation or contouring your face like models on Instagram, try to go out with a clean and natural face and you’ll notice how many men will approach you and start a conversation with you.

3. It makes you look playful.

A woman who doesn’t wear makeup might be considered a tomboy, but for whatever reason, women who don’t wear makeup are more playful. Women who can go makeup-free can get down and dirty. Why? Because they don’t have to worry about messing up their makeup. If we know one thing about guys, it’s that they like to play around.

Playing is fun and brings out the child in all of us. Whether it’s passing Frisbee at the park, throwing football, or going mini-golfing, the world is fun and life is much better lived when you’re not worried about makeup. Remember how much fun you had when you were young, back when you didn’t have to worry about makeup? Well, wouldn’t it be nice to do that again?

4. You can’t stain his clothes.

Okay, ladies, we know that foundation and contouring has taken over the world, and we know that you love it. But men, on the other hand, are not so fond of it. Men don’t like it when the powder or makeup rubs off on their clothes, especially when they’re wearing a crisp, white shirt. Some of the stuff is industrial strength and will stain sheets, shirts, and anything it touches with serious potency.

How is your man going to do a work presentation with a lipstick stain on his dress shirt? How can you expect him to clean off your contouring makeup from his pillowcase? Women wear different shades of makeup, all of which are very capable of staining and ruining anything it touches. While you might not mind staining up your sheets, he certainly does.

5. You come off as yourself, not someone you’re not.

As we all know, makeup can do magic. No, seriously, just check out before and after shots on Instagram or Google. Women have become masters at applying makeup, like some women should have master’s degrees in makeup because they literally transform their faces into something else. YouTube has been helping single women in Philadelphia with the latest tricks of the trade, but men aren’t happy about this. It’s not cool to trick them and make them believe you look a certain way when you don’t.

Men are very confused by going to bed with one woman and waking up the next day with another. They are the ones on the receiving end of this makeup magic trick. So why do men prefer women with no makeup? Because they can see who you are from the beginning. Now, this isn’t to say they are against makeup, but they prefer a woman who uses it to enhance her face, not transform it.

6. It makes you confident and secure in yourself.

A woman who is able to go out with her own face and love it is a confident woman, and our King of Prussia matchmakers know that she will attract any man. Confidence is killer and sexy, and perhaps the most important quality a woman can have. If you can show off your natural face and flaunt it, you’re confident.

Of course, we know that makeup is a cool and fun part of being a woman, and it’s without a doubt important. But venturing out without makeup and owning it, makes you very attractive to men.

We know that makeup is not going anywhere; in fact, new makeup comes out every day. But if you want to attract single men in Philly, you might want to tone it down a little bit and go for a more natural look.

If you’re single and looking for love in Philadelphia, contact our King of Prussia matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service and reserve your FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation by filling out the quick and easy survey at the top of the page. We’ve helped many single women in Philadelphia find a compatible match, and we’re confident we can do the same for you!

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