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Obviously, no woman in the world plans to end up with a cheater.  It’s not like when you start dating a new guy you think he’s ever going to cheat on you, right?  But wouldn’t life be a lot easier if you were able to spot a bad apple from a good one?  What if you didn’t have to wait until he destroyed your heart by because you realized he was a cheater in disguise right from the start?  Well, the good news is that you can—that’s what we’re here for.

This helpful blog from our West Chester matchmakers will allow you to figure out the traits of a cheater so you can keep an eye for the red flags right from the beginning.  This will not only save you time but prevent your heart from being broken.  There are a few common traits all cheaters have, and today we’re going to reveal them for you.

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1. They Always Tell Lies

This is a serious red flag you should never overlook.  The good news is that you can spot it early on in dating.  Cheaters don’t care about lying because that’s all they do.  You might think you need to catch a guy telling a big lie to figure out whether or not he’s a cheater, but that’s not always the case.

Cheaters are known for telling little lies—millions of them—before you ever catch them in a big one.  Even something as simple as “Oh, sorry, I didn’t know you called,” when he clearly saw you called him is a sign he could be a cheater.  If a guy is comfortable telling little white lies, then he could be a cheater.  Lying is a classic behavior of a cheater.

2. They Are Flaky

Because cheaters could care less about the relationship, they could care less about the plans.  Basically, a cheater is always looking for the next woman; they are never happy with the woman they have.  So let’s say you started talking to a new guy and think things are going wonderfully, and he actually spends time with you.  But then it seems like half of the time you try to make plans, he ditches them.

All of the sudden, he’s not spending that much time with you and turns down everything you suggest.  Suddenly he has other plans for the weekend, his brother is in town, or he has a big event to attend.  If this is happening often, then he is definitely doing something behind your back.

3. They Flirt with Everyone

It seems like it’s hard enough to find one person who is into you in today’s modern dating scene, so how do cheaters manage to hook up with so many women?  It’s crazy, right?  We know.  Well, they have a secret.  It’s called always flirting.  Cheaters are always flirting with every woman they see.  They hit on every woman they come across.  Seriously, you probably know a few guys like this, right?

Every time they walk into a room, it’s like they can’t help but to flirt with every woman they see.  They’re constantly checking out women everywhere they go—the grocery store, the gym, and even work.  Cheaters are addicted to getting attention from women, bottom line.

4. They Are Secretive

Cheaters are secretive by nature.  They want everything they do to stay a secret.  They know that in order to be successful in cheating, they must hide away what they do.  They can’t afford to brag about what they’ve been up to lately, so they keep everything shady.  You might be spending time with him and asking him questions without getting much from his answers.  Don’t think he’s being mysterious because he’s simply holding out what he’s doing behind your back.

Cheaters don’t like to talk about themselves, their pasts, or their interests.  If you’re starting to realize that you can rarely get anything out of him about his personal life, it’s time to wake up.  Cheaters keep their personal life personal, so keep an eye on this behavior and don’t overlook it.

Now that you know how to spot a cheater, we hope you’ll never get taken advantage by one again.  If you’re tired of meeting men who are cheaters, liars, or players, contact our West Chester matchmakers today and let us introduce you to relationship-minded men in Philly who are worthy of your time.

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