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Dating in Philly is tough, and here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service, we know dating an emotionally unavailable man is even more frustrating. Are you stuck in a relationship that’s not going anywhere?

He’s sweet, his handsome, and he’s always spontaneous and exciting, but something is missing. If you feel like you’re pulling teeth with your man with no numbing agent every time you try to talk about the relationship, well, you’re not alone. Plenty of men cannot talk about love and relationships. Why? Because they are not emotionally available. Society teaches men from the time they are little, that they need to keep their feelings hidden.

Unfortunately, women are being told they should believe men and they will eventually come around and come out of their shy shell. And what happens here is that little girls grow up with a men who are emotionally unavailable for them.

Today, our Upper Darby matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service will teach you some common signs you need to recognize, signs that will let you know the man you’re dating is emotionally unavailable. If you realize the man you’re with is emotionally unavailable to you, you need to accept it and cut your losses before it drags on any longer.

1. Not Talking

Sure, maybe your man loves to talk about the Philadelphia Eagles, work, or the man cave he’s building in the basement, but when it comes to your relationship or any subject that requires his emotionally side, he clams up and refuses to talk about it. Refusing to engage in any topic that will bring out his emotions is just a way for him to avoid them altogether.

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2. Being Passive Aggressive

A lot of passive aggressive men have driven women to the point of insanity. This is the type of man who will say he will do something or go along with something, then all of the sudden, he sabotages the plan. For instance: he agrees to have your parents come visit but when the time comes, he bails out because he says he’s sick or has a lot of work to finish. Either way, he has an excuse of why he can’t do it. He said he’s going to fix the garage door but when you remind him for the 30th time, he explodes on you and tells you that you’re nagging him. This man doesn’t like to get into a confrontation so he just agrees with you for the time being.

3. Has Addictions

Addictions, whether it’s substance, hobby, work, food, or porn, will expose an unavailable man and put a wedge in the relationship.

4. Affairs

Affairs are probably the most obvious sign that the man you’re dating is unavailable to you. Men who have affairs describe their affairs as being like an oasis because they feel their new partner appreciates them. If you want your man to be available to you, you need to create this oasis for him.

5. Constant Lying

Another way for emotionally unavailable men to get out of sharing their feelings with you is by lying to you. Whether it’s by saying he fixed something when he never did, telling you he was at the store when he was at the strip club, or if he said he hasn’t talked to his ex when in reality, they’ve been talking for months. Lying is a way for him to get out of uncomfortable emotions, and our Upper Darby matchmakers want you to be on the lookout.

6. White Lies

While most men are guilty of this one once in a while so not to hurt your feelings and easier for them to lie than face you head on, little white lies are another way for a man to avoid dealing with his feelings.


7. Secretive

Whether a man has a side woman in a different part of town or sneaks out to gamble at night, secretive behavior is another way of a man being emotionally unavailable. If this is the case, you need to move on. Our Upper Darby matchmakers know this is a man who clearly doesn’t respect you, and you don’t deserve this kind of treatment in a relationship.

8. Refusing to Get into an Argument

While arguing might seem like the relationship is going south, it’s also a sign that two people are able to express their differences, which is a good thing in a happy and healthy relationship. But if he refuses to argue and literally walks away mid disagreement, it’s a sign he’s closed off from his emotions. This likely happens because he grew up in a household where there wasn’t any arguing or it was done all the time, but whatever the case, this man does not like arguments.

9. He’s Full of Excuses

One solid sign that the man you’re dating is emotionally unavailable is if he always full of excuses. He always seem to have an excuse for everything he’s done, especially for anything that could remotely be taken as intimate, like taking the relationship to another level. If “the timing is always wrong” or “things are complicated right now,” these are just excuses because he doesn’t see you as the one.

10. He’s Never Around

Another sign that the man you’re dating is emotionally y unavailable is if you can never reach him. You talk to his voicemail more than you do him, and when you text him, it takes hours to get back to you (if he gets back to you at all). If it seems like you can never track him down, it’s because you’re dating Mr. Unavailable. He’s hard to track down, he’s hard to get a hold of, and he disappears for days on end with no explanation. Does that sound like the man you’re dating? Then, our Upper Darby matchmakers want you to take this as a huge red flag.

11. Full of Mysteries

Have you been dating this man but still don’t know much about him? Is he keeping you in the dark about certain details of his life? Is he blatantly evasive when you ask him questions? This also applies if he doesn’t involve you in any intimate aspect of his life, like taking you to a friend’s wedding or seeing his place. If this sounds familiar, then you should run for the hills.

12. It’s All about Him

When you do manage to spend time with him, it’s usually on his terms, when he decides, and only when he initiates it, and the truth is, it’s all about serving his needs. Sure, he might cuddle you and kiss you but only just enough to make sure you order his favorite pizza or agree to watch the new action-packed movie he wants to see. If he sets the tone and pace for the relationship and he’s decided he doesn’t want to move too fast, then you have an emotionally unavailable man on your hands.

If you’re tired of dating emotionally unavailable men, contact our matchmakers today to set up a matchmaking consultation. We’ll introduce you to compatible men who are serious about falling in love and settling down.

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