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Everyone has been there before, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Whether you saw it coming or got blindsided, whether it ended with explosions or in silence, breaking up is a very difficult thing to do for many men.

Men’s emotions and feelings are completely different than women’s. Men tend to keep everything to themselves as opposed to women. However, this doesn’t mean men don’t have feelings, too. Here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service, we know that men suffer a lot from a breakup, too.

There are many types of breakups in the dating scene. While there is no way we can cover every type of breakup, we’re here to help. Today, our dating professionals are going to give recently single men in Philadelphia a simple yet effective strategy to help them through the dark days of the breakup so they can finally see the light at the end of this painful tunnel.

If you are experiencing a breakup, you want to read this survival guide from our Philadelphia matchmakers to get back on your feet in no time.

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1. Feel the Feelings

Traditionally, men have been taught since they were young to keep their feelings inside. Phrases like “Be a man” and “Man up” are typically said to help guys combat the feelings of pain. But what happens when those emotions want to come out? Should you just keep them in? Absolutely not. You want to let those emotions come out. In other words, you want to feel your feelings, and this is completely okay.

It is not going to be fun, and you won’t feel very manly, but you need to acknowledge your feelings. Whether it’s sadness, anger, frustrations, or hurt, let it out and truly feel your feelings. Though it might be tempting to drown your sorrows with a bottle of whisky, refrain. Otherwise, you’re giving into a temporary distraction that will only prolong the pain and the healing process. Plus, you might be tempted to reach out to your ex if you have a few too many drinks. Trust us, you don’t want to take steps backwards in your healing process.

2. Don’t Try to Get Her Back

A lot of recently single men in Philadelphia are so caught up in Hollywood movies and grand romantic acts and believe if they do something extravagant, they’ll instantly win their woman back. Unfortunately, that only works in the movies. It doesn’t matter how charming you are, if your ex broke up with you, chances are, she doesn’t want to get back with you.

Real life isn’t like the movies. If your ex is over the relationship, she isn’t going to care about your three dozen roses or sky-written love note over the Philly sky. If this is the love of your life and you know it deep inside, let love do its work. There is absolutely nothing you can do to force her to love you back, nor should you want a relationship.

3. What About Staying Friends?

Another post-breakup aspect you’re eventually going to have to face. Some people can be friends with their exes, so we’ll take that into consideration. But for many, it just can’t happen. As matchmakers, we know there is nothing wrong with remaining friends with an ex, but if the breakup was hard, then you shouldn’t be friends with them right now. You need to give yourselves some time and revisit this subject once you’re both completely healed.

4. Be as Productive as Possible

While you might want to sleep every day away and sit around and mope at home all weekend, use this extra time to your advantage to improve your mood and yourself. Long-term relationships are always driven by routines, so not being in a relationship may cause you to feel like you have no life. Every day will feel unfamiliar and uncomfortable and you might want to avoid it altogether by never getting out of bed. Instead, our expert matchmakers encourage you to do something positive, like picking up a new hobby or working out.

Pick something you always wanted to try but never got around to. Even if you’re not the handy type, go to the local hardware store on the weekend and pick up a few supplies to make repairs around the house. Maybe you can pick up some paint to touch up the trim that Fido nicked up, or perhaps it’s a good idea to rearrange your furniture to switch things up so you’re not reminded of your ex every day. Not only is this therapeutic, but it will give you something to focus your energy on.

Even if you’re not handy, don’t worry. There are many other things you can do with your time, such as pump iron at the gym, learn to become a better cook, or take up a new hobby, such as skiing. Whatever you choose, make sure you devote yourself to it to keep yourself busy from thinking about your breakup. When your post-break-up fog has cleared up, you will be a well-rounded guy who is ready to tackle the Philly dating scene by storm.

5. Enjoy Being a Single Man in Philadelphia

As matchmakers, we know that you’ll hit a point after your breakup where you’ll go from feeling miserable to feeling free and happy. Relationships require a lot of efforts and sacrifice from both partners, which is why you need to use this time to clear your head to ensure you’re healed and ready before getting back into another relationship.

It’s time to enjoy being a single man in Philadelphia and do all the things you want to do in life. Head to the movie theater on your own and watch a double feature by yourself. Hey, what’s not to love about not having to share your popcorn and candy with anyone else? Want to stay in over the weekend without having to get dressed up to attend someone else’s work event? Don’t worry, you can do that. Heck, you can order two meat lovers pizzas from the comfort of your sofa without having to give anyone a slice. You know that movie you couldn’t watch because your girlfriend hated action? Well, guess what? You can watch an action-packed marathon and do it as many times as you want.

None of these activities should be done in a negative way. It’s all about enjoying your newfound freedom as positively as you can. It’s seeing the silver lining in a bad situation. Of course we know that you’ll soon be ready to date and find a happy relationship once again. But for now, do what makes you happy. There is nothing more empowering than that.

Whether you were in a relationship that was on the rocks or you got sideswiped without any warning, a breakup can hurt for a very long time. If you are hurting today, don’t panic. Follow our expert advice and we know you’ll heal in no time. When you are back on your feet and feeling back to your vibrant self, give us a call so we can find you a compatible woman to share your life with.

Fill out the private form at the top of the page when you’re healed and ready and let our Philadelphia matchmakers help you reenter the Philly dating scene!


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