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So you’ve been single for a while now.  You took some time to get over your breakup or divorce or even to mourn and heal from the loss of your beloved spouse.  Or maybe it wasn’t that at all and you were just taking time to focus on your career.  It makes sense, and it’s now the perfect time to get back in the Philadelphia dating scene.

If you feel like you’re ready to give love another shot, or just pursue it in the first place, then what better time than now? You know who you are and you know that because you’re now older and wiser.  Yes, we know that the Philadelphia dating scene can be intimidating and frustrating.  You might feel a little overwhelmed about returning but are determined to get out there anyways.  As professional matchmakers, we applaud you.

If you’re ready to venture out into the Philadelphia dating scene, check out our Philadelphia matchmakers’ list of expert ways to make your dating experience less daunting and more enjoyable.

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1. Make sure you’re 100% ready to date again.

Jumping back into the Philadelphia dating scene is never easy.  The first step is to ensure that your heart and mind are ready for what’s coming your way.  Be ready to make the commitment to stay true to your needs and know what you want in a partner.

If you have any doubts, then you might not be ready to get back into the Philadelphia dating scene.  Truth is, it won’t hurt to try.  Maybe take baby steps getting back in the dating pool to test and see if you are ready or not.  Don’t wait another day, get out there and try it today.  And if you need a little expert help and guidance, contact our matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service and we’ll do everything in our power to make your dating transition smooth and exciting.

2. Put the past where it belongs.

If you’re coming off a breakup or out of a divorce, make sure you’re completely healed and over it before jumping back in the dating scene.  Their number should be erased from your phone, there shouldn’t be any picture of the two of you hanging on the wall, and you shouldn’t have them on your social media accounts—PERIOD.  This will help you move on without lingering feelings. It’s time to grow your wings and fly.

3. Never rush it along.

So you needed a long break after the end of your long-term relationship, marriage, or the loss of your spouse, but just because you took a long break doesn’t mean you need to jump in and rush things along with the first person who comes your way.  You need to break that habit of wanting someone right away.  Dating should be fun, without all the pressure surrounding it.

4. Have an open mind.

Are you only used to dating blonde women?  Do you only date tall, dark, and handsome Italians?  What about dating people outside your usual type?  Have you ever tried it?  You shouldn’t limit yourself to the same type over and over again.  As Philly’s best matchmakers, we encourage you to go into the dating scene with an open mind.  Don’t limit yourself to only dating one type of person or you’ll be missing out on great candidates.  You won’t know who is right for you unless you step outside your usual dating box.  Maybe the person you ignored all his time because they weren’t tall, dark and handsome—or blonde—is exactly the one you’re supposed to be with.

5. Don’t fear rejection.

Rejection can be a tough pill to swallow in your dating life, but you need to be ready for it because you will get rejected at some point—everyone does.  Some weeks you’ll be a winner and others a loser in the dating game.  Everything happens for a reason, which is something you’ll find out in time.  Brush yourself off and let those losers who lost you go.  You don’t have time to think about them anyway because your Mr. or Mrs. Right is out there waiting for you.

Getting back into the Philadelphia dating scene doesn’t have to be so hard.  We know that if you follow these five expert tips from our Philly matchmakers, reentering the Philly dating scene will be a breeze.

If you’re single and reentering the Philadelphia dating scene but don’t have time to look for dates on your own, contact Philly’s best matchmakers and let us introduce you to quality singles in Philadelphia who are a perfect fit for you.

No matter your dating past or current situation, our dedicated matchmakers will give you the guidance, support, and dating coaching you need to date like a pro and find the perfect partner.  To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!


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