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Dating in Philly is tough, and we get that. Here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service, we strive to ease the process of finding love.

Let’s face it, it sucks to be single. Not because you want to go out on dinner dates on Friday nights or because you want someone to send you flowers at work but because you missing being in a relationship and having a partner by your side. We understand the challenges you face and the frustrations of being alone, and we know that you can’t bear to be single one more day while all your friends and coworkers are in a relationship. Today is the day you decide to change things around, the day you decide you want to spend your life with someone special. Do you feel like it’s time to fall in love again? If the answer is yes, we’ll teach you how to fall in love with yourself first.

If you are going to start making positive changes in the way you date and attract men, then you are going to have to start working on yourself first. Now, this doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you or that you’re doing something wrong around the opposite sex. This isn’t about remaking yourself into a different version, it’s about figuring out all the things you want to be and what you do not to be. It’s about celebrating yourself as a person, showing yourself some kindness, and doing an honest evaluation.

Our professional matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service do this with our clients often. In fact, it’s the foundation of our professional dating coaching. Let’s get started!

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1. List the Things You Love about Yourself

There you have it, sounds simple doesn’t it? We know this is actually difficult for many women, so we want to help you out. How often have you been asked to rate yourself? Do you feel selfish and conceited when rating yourself? Do you worry you’ll come up short?

Most women will usually say things like this, “I’m smart, I’m educated, I’m a great friend, and I have beautiful eyes.” But then, they stop. They don’t really say anything special or worthy about themselves.

Now, you don’t have to be the person that created a cure for cancer or speak five languages to consider yourself worthy of a relationship. Attributes that people like, such as trust, loyalty, the ability to make people smile, and being able to handle life’s everyday challenges, those are all great things to say about yourself. If you don’t think you have any fabulous qualities, then how could a man see you as a potential partner?

2. How Loving Yourself Will Pave the Way for a Better Relationship

When you start loving yourself, you won’t be afraid to show your true self to others. You can be yourself in any type of situation. And in a relationship, it will help you in several ways. For one, you will not be afraid to show your true self to your partner because there isn’t anything you’re hiding from; therefore, you will be able to focus on your partner more than you would if you were hiding something from them.`

Another way that it will help you in your relationship is that instead of trying to hide your insecurities, you will let them out because you’re not afraid of them. This gives your partner the opportunity to love you, with flaws and all. What this means is that your partner will fall in love with the real you, not a façade you created.

3. Why You Should Fall in Love with Yourself

Falling in love with yourself is the most important part of a relationship. If you cannot love yourself, you can’t expect anyone else to fall in love with you. After all, the saying is true: If you don’t love yourself, how can you expect a partner to do it? And that hurts relationships in many different ways. It creates distance in your relationship and it keeps your partner from truly loving you.

When you start loving yourself, you will truly make a connection with someone else, and you will not be afraid of them making a connection with you. You still recognize you have many flaws, but you also recognize that you have many strengths. You will be able to do an honest inventory of yourself and will not be afraid of the things you find. You know that you’re a great person and worthy of a loving relationship, affection, and a loving partner even though you’re not perfect. But because you truly love yourself, you don’t let those imperfections define who you are. You’re also not afraid of letting your partner find out those imperfections.

Because you truly love yourself, you know that deep inside you are a good person. And you are not afraid to better yourself either. Because you love yourself, you see your imperfections as a challenge and work hard to overcome them daily. And because you’re not ashamed or embarrassed by them, you’re not afraid to discuss them with your partner, which helps you connect on a deeper level.

4. Start Loving Yourself Daily

There are many ways people have a hard time falling in love with themselves. Insecurity, codependency, and low self-esteem are all signs that you are having a difficult time loving yourself. But instead of hiding those things, embrace them. Recognize that there are certain things about yourself that you are uncomfortable with and try working on fixing those things daily. Some simple ways to do this is by doing the following:

• Identify your needs and work on them.
• Have more self-empathy.
• Start nurturing yourself.

Practice these simple things daily and before you know it, you will be in love with yourself. You will become more confident, caring, and loving, and before you know it, you’ll find yourself in a loving, fantastic, rewarding relationship with someone who loves you for the real version of you. And let’s not forget, you will love them too.

Make today the day you fall in love… with YOURSELF so then a wonderful man can fall in love with you too!
If you want to make positive changes in your personal and romantic life and are ready for some expert dating coaching and support along the way, contact our professional matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles today to set up an in-person consultation. We’re confident we can help you change your love life around!

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