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Dating and introduction service, Philadelphia Singles, reveals hot spots to meet like-minded local singles.

One of the easiest and most effective ways of meeting singles is going where the singles hang out. Yet, even knowing this, many singles avoid this type of interaction; either because they are afraid or they feel silly approaching a stranger in a public setting. Our King of Prussia matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service know those are two valid points, but they are not good reasons to avoid going out and meeting singles in your area.

Perhaps it’s best to change the venue and your attitude, but without trying you will never find out. In fact, you probably would not be reading this blog if you were not in need of some good ideas on how to jumpstart your approach to meeting local singles (because obviously, what you’re doing isn’t working). So grab your pen and paper, grab your iPhone, and write down these great ideas for later. Let’s get to them!

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Meet KOP Singles at Local Coffee Shops

Coffee shops are one of the easiest places when it comes to meeting singles. It might be obvious to you or it might never have crossed your mind, but trust us, it works. Find a busy coffee shop in your area, somewhere you feel comfortable, and sit near the door. Don’t bring anything that will distract you. Although this might be a little challenging, it’s something you must do. The point is to avoid looking like you’re involved in something or too busy to chat. You want to present yourself as approachable and hiding behind a laptop or a book is not going to help you.

Sit there with a friendly smile and make it a point to greet every person that comes through the door. Whether it’s with a smile or a friendly hello, you’re going to come off as warm and approachable. Now, there is no need to go up to them and introduce yourself as if you were a store greeter, just try and be yourself and it will come naturally. Believe us. By doing this, you’re making yourself known to everyone that walks in the door and you are telling them you are available. What could be the worst case scenario? Someone doesn’t say hi back? It doesn’t matter, someone else is bound to walk by the door and say hi to you. You don’t lose anything in the process yet you opened your chances of meeting new people. Not to mention, you’re sharpening your own social skills.

Meet KOP Singles at Social Settings

Besides the obvious, there are many social events you can attend that will increase your chances of meeting other singles. Try planning weekly movie nights with a friend and tell them to invite new friends. You should also accept the party or wedding invitation you threw in your drawer last week. Another idea that will also work wonders would be for you to throw your own party and tell your guests to bring their friends. When you have your friends invite their friends and so on, you’ll have a whole new circle of people interested in meeting new singles.
Meet KOP Singles at Hobby and Interest Groups

For those who are very passionate about a certain type of hobby, i.e. running, kayaking, motorcycling, or cooking, look for that type of hobby or group in your community. Your geographic location will determine what type of hobbies and interests are available for you, but with Philly so close by, you’ll be able to find just about any kind of group you have in mind. In smaller towns you might not have such possibilities, but don’t worry because you can even start your own group.

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Meet KOP Singles by Taking a Course

Whether you’re taking a new course, joined a local university, or are passionate about sculpting or painting, every community, both large and small, have courses you can take to expand your knowledge. And our King of Prussia matchmakers know the added bonus is that you will meet other local singles. If money is a problem, think about enrolling in the class without getting the credit or look to see if there are free classes available at local community colleges. It never hurts to learn something new.
Meet KOP Singles at Church or Through Volunteering

On the same note as a hobby and interest clubs, we all have our own political, religious, and spiritual beliefs. Many groups that fall into these types of categories have single members looking for a partner. These places make for the best location to meet like-minded local singles. There are even specific organizations where you can volunteer. Not only will you feel good donating your time, but you will also expand your network of other like-minded singles.
Meet KOP Singles in Public Places

There is a reason why they call them public places; it’s because a lot of people hang out there. Now, this might be a little difficult because you don’t know who is single and who isn’t when you’re out in public. Bus stops, Laundromats, libraries, restaurants, and even grocery stores are places a lot of people frequent. And if you have the courage, you can start a conversation with just about anyone. Again, our King of Prussia matchmakers know you’re sharpening your own social skills with this one—good for upcoming dates!
Hire a King of Prussia Matchmaker

If you are the type of person who has no time on their hands to go out and look for a partner, don’t worry. A professional matchmaker like Philadelphia Singles can help you find what you’re looking for. Our goal here is to help you find happiness in a long lasting relationship. Let our matchmakers get to know you so we can introduce you to someone like-minded.

If you’re sick and tired of venturing out your own, having no success, you don’t want to sit through another boring date your friends set you up with, or you’ve given up on online dating, we can help you find what you’re looking for.

Our matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles are in the business of creating happy endings. We get to know our clients on a one-to-one basis and make it our goal to find the perfect match for them. When you finally achieve the happy relationship you desire, it makes us happy to see you smile. Don’t wait another day, don’t let time pass by. You can change your love life today. All you have to do is set up a consultation and let us be the ones to do the hard work for you.

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