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You’re in it for love and want the real deal in your relationship. But does he? Does he love you and adore you, or is this guy with you for all the wrong reasons?

You’re gorgeous, and your boyfriend never fails to tell you. While it’s great to be gorgeous and to have a man remind you all the time, you don’t want to be with a guy who is with you for that reason alone. After all, there’s a whole lot more to you other than your good looks.

You’re smart, you’re funny, and you’re genuinely kind and caring. But does your guy recognize and value those things? Does he ever compliment you on anything other than your looks? If you suspect your guy is only with you to display you as a trophy on his arm, read on as the leading Philly matchmaking service reveals the telltale warning signs you’re only a trophy for this guy.

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1. Future Talk Is Out

One of the first signs a guy doesn’t see a relationship or future with you is if he avoids future talk like the plague. And before you get ahead of yourself, we’re not talking about wedding bells and children here. Future talk can be as simple as making plans for the upcoming weekend. If this guy can’t talk about or commit to making short-term plans with you (at the very least), then you know he’s just a waste of your time.

2. You get the sense you’re only his rebound.

Did he just get out of a relationship? If your guy recently got dumped, then open your eyes because you’re most likely his rebound. What’s better than a hottie like yourself on his arm while he’s getting over his fears of being all alone?

3. He keeps you from his friends.

Have you ever met any of his friends? What’s that? He tells you he doesn’t have any? We hate to break it to you, but that’s an utter lie. Everyone has at least one or two friends they hang out with. If this guy is keeping you from his friends, then he doesn’t want to bring you into his world.

4. He’s like a dead fish.

He goes with the flow. If he can’t make plans and claims to be a laidback and go with the flow type of guy, watch out. This means he’s not serious about dating and is only keeping you around until he finds someone better to occupy his time.

5. He only loves himself.

Watch out for this one, ladies. Is there anything worse than a selfish, narcissistic guy? We think not. If this guy is too busy texting, talking on the phone, or watching sports on TV when you’re trying to talk to him, that’s a major red flag for you.

When you ask about his day, does he go on and on rambling about every little thing that happened? Does he fail to ever ask about yours? And if you try squeezing in a story about your day, does he quickly cut you off? As hard as it is to accept, this guy doesn’t care about you. And this takes us to our next point.

6. He barely knows anything about you.

Does he know anything about your life, other than the fact that you’re drop-dead gorgeous? No, he doesn’t because like we mentioned above, he doesn’t ask you anything about it. Why? Again, because he doesn’t care to know.

So tell us, how does your guy measure up? Do you think you’re just a trophy for him?

It certainly doesn’t feel good to find out you’re just someone he likes to parade around, not someone he’s actually interested in dating and being with long term. But what can you do? Some men are just jerks. You have to brush yourself off and get back out there so you can finally find the love you deserve.

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