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Being in a relationship during the holidays provides you with endless opportunities to do all the romantic things you always wanted to do with a partner.  As well-established Philly matchmakers, we think this is kind of the reason why cuffing season was born to begin with… Wouldn’t you agree?  Cuffing season developed because nobody wants to spend the holidays alone.

The holidays are so much better when you have a partner by your side to share all the fun and romance with, and once you enter a relationship, it can feel like you’re living a fairytale dream.  But unfortunately for many, once the holidays come to an end, all the romance starts to disappear into thin air.  So the real question is how can you make your relationship last past cuffing season?

If you managed to land a relationship in the frustrating Philadelphia dating scene and want to make it last, let our expert Philly matchmakers show you some simple and effective ways to make your relationship survive cuffing season.

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1. Keep in mind that “Netflix & Chill” doesn’t count as a date.

After so many years of dating in Philadelphia, you should know by now that Netflix and chill dates aren’t real dates.  If someone keeps inviting you to Netflix and chill dates, they aren’t looking for anything serious and just want to hook up with you.

Before you even start a cuffing season relationship with someone, you need to make sure that person isn’t already cuffed up and looking to escape the chaos of the stressful holidays.  After all, you can’t force something that will never be there, and you certainly don’t want to ruin someone’s holiday.

If you’re sure they’re single, next up is ensuring they’re serious, too.  If you are looking for a serious relationship while they only want something to pass the time, then you’re both on different pages, and it will never work out.

As the leading Philly matchmakers, we know there is nothing wrong with having a Netflix and chill date if you’re already together, but if you’re looking for something serious, don’t fall for someone who doesn’t take you on real dates.  Players will be players, so let them be.  You want something real and meaningful, so it’s time to put your foot down and say no to Netflix and chill dates.

2. Establish open communication from the get-go.

Before you try to get in a meaningful relationship with someone, make sure they want to be in a meaningful relationship.  Like we mentioned earlier, there’s nothing worse than wanting to be with someone who doesn’t want to get serious.  So before you devote your time and efforts into this relationship, make sure they want the same thing you want from it; otherwise, you’re going to end up wasting your time and experiencing a broken heart.

You need to keep the lines of communication open from day one, even if it’s just casual dating.  Maybe it’s you who doesn’t want to settle down just yet, and that’s completely okay, but you need to make your intentions clear from the get-go.

Now, if you both want to be in a relationship, then you need to put in more work.  If you want this relationship to work, then you both need to communicate in an open and honest way.

The most successful daters know how important communication is to the relationship.  There is nothing worse than pursuing someone who is shady or doesn’t want to talk about the relationship, so don’t fall into that disappointing trap.

3. Don’t stay with them if you notice red flags.

If the person you’re dating treats you badly from the beginning, then listen to us: it will not get better.  We will be the first ones to tell you that people don’t change.  When you first begin talking or dating someone, they should be on their best behavior.  If they’re not behaving correctly in the beginning, imagine what will happen down the road.

You try hard to impress the person you’re talking to because you want them to like you.  If they aren’t putting in any efforts when post daters on putting their best foot forward, then that’s a good indication you shouldn’t be with them.

If you notice a red flag, or something doesn’t feel right, then listen to your intuition, because things will only get worse as time goes on.

4. Make sure you both want it to succeed.

Don’t try to be with someone just to be with them.  Why?  Because it isn’t healthy.  Also, don’t start dating someone just to make others happy.  Yes, everyone gets asked the same questions about their single status during the holidays, but do you really want to get in a relationship just to please your family members?

Those questions are normal.  Are they fun?  Absolutely not.  But it’s better to say that you’re happily single than to say you’re miserable in your relationship.

There is nothing worse than being with someone just to get through the rough holiday season.  The two of you need to be together because you want to be, not out of obligation.

5. You need to make compromises.

There is no couple in this universe than can agree on everything.  It is unrealistic to believe that you and your partner will agree all the time.  If that’s the way you think relationships work, then you have a lot of learning to do before you find a partner.

Next to the importance of having an open line of communication, you must also learn how to compromise.  We all compromise in our relationships, and that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

Both you and your partner can have what you want as long as you figure out how to make it work for both of you.  If you don’t know how to do that, or don’t want to, this relationship will not make it past cuffing season, and we can guarantee you that.

If you really want this relationship to make it past cuffing season, you’ll do everything our Philly matchmakers have mentioned today.  If you like this dating blog, then please like it and share it with your friends on Facebook.

If you’re single and looking for a meaningful relationship, contact our expert matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service today and let us do the hard part of dating for you!  Simply fill out the private form at the top of the page to reserve your FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation today!

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