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Jerk, for the lack of a more appropriate word, a man who treats a woman like trash. Some call them jerks, players, playboys, or sleaze balls, but these are the men you see on the streets or other random places treating women with disrespect.

There are also those who are a little curious. They are the players who don’t necessarily scream “player.” These men will camouflage themselves to get the woman they want. They will have a good looking woman by their side as they walk down the street, but why?

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Why Do Women Date This Type of Men?

There are hundreds of situations we see every day that make us wonder why women choose to date bad men. Today, our Philadelphia upscale matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles will review the reasons women choose the players and jerks and end up heart broken in the end.

1. Women Believe They Can Change the Bad Boy

Wouldn’t it be nice to be the one and only love of a bad boy? Wouldn’t it be nice to be the one who makes him end all his dating games? Wouldn’t it be nice if he devoted his attention solely to you? Isn’t that what happens in movies? Well, a lot of women have wanted this since they were young, and it’s the reason they now pursue the bad boys.

To change a player, like George Clooney, and make him commit to a relationship is difficult. A lot of women fall short in the process, and it’s why they end up broken hearted after dating a bad boy. You need to understand that bad boys don’t want to change because they love their player lifestyle. They have a lot of women at their disposal and don’t just want to settle for one.

2. Most of Them Are Attractive

No matter how jerky the man is, or how badly he treats a woman, he is probably very good looking, with great biceps and sexy six-packs. It is now a normal part of society to have men be vain, just like women. In today’s dating world, those jerks are often very good looking, sexy and appealing.

If one of those good looking muscle guys looks your way, what woman wouldn’t want to be with him? Most women drool over this type of man, which is the reason they get sucked in. However, what most women need to understand is that just because a man looks good doesn’t mean he has the go ahead and permission to disrespect women.

3. Insecurities

Everyone has certain things they wish they could change about themselves, things we try to hide and cover up with something else. For most women, this means daddy issues. Women, since they were young, craved the attention of their father, and since many women’s fathers are no longer in the picture, they crave that attention from men in the dating world. Some men know how to play the field using women’s insecurities, allowing them to hook women like fish.

Even the most gorgeous woman out there has her insecurities, and once they find a guy who gives them a sense of security, they will usually ignore all the bad things about him just to boost their self-esteem.

4. Nice Men Finish Last

Men who get good looking women to fall for them know exactly what to do to make it happen. Things don’t happen by accident. They know the moves. They have been practicing for many years and know what it takes to get women to melt for them.

Women want a man who knows what he wants and knows how to get it. Women want a man who is a go-getter. Women find a man with manly qualities to be irresistible, which is why they fall for the bad boys.

Those shy men who sit on the sidelines waiting for a woman to make the first move aren’t going to get very far in the dating world. Chances are the bad boy will be the first one to initiate contact and win the girl each and every time. This is why they always say all the good guys finish last.

5. The Bad Boys Are Great in Bed

Just because a man is great in bed doesn’t give him justification to treat a woman with disrespect. But the truth is, most satisfied women will forgive men as long as they continue to be with them physically.

As long as the bad boy continues to do what he does best, women often look the other way.

6. Good Looking Women Are Not Always Angels

We all know that just because a woman has a pretty face doesn’t mean she’s an angel either. Behind that sweet and innocent look often lies a panther waiting to come out. But once Mr. Player and Ms. Feisty collide, the once sultry world will come crashing down. Sparks will fly at the beginning, but our Philadelphia upscale matchmakers know it often fades away quickly.

7. Women Assume Nice Men Are Boring

This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true. It’s just that most good looking women have been hit on by nice men in a boring way. Their experiences have taught them that most nice men are boring in comparison to the bad boys who are all about having fun.

A lot of women don’t have anything against the good guys, but it’s usually the bad boy who comes up to them and initiates contact, which drives a woman wild. So for the good guys reading this, if you don’t want to finish last, our Philadelphia upscale matchmakers want you to bring excitement into the equation to keep her on her feet and make her fall for you.

To sum things up, there are many different reasons why women choose the bad boys. But deep inside each woman, there are only a few real reasons why. Women might be too idealistic when it comes to changing a player into a good man or they’re just caught up in the moment, but at the end of the day, everyone wants a stable, trustworthy, and affectionate man she can count on.

If you’re single and looking to meet quality partners in Philly, contact our matchmaking experts here at Philadelphia Singles today and let us help you on your search!

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