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Though he might not tell you, a man’s actions certainly will. Find out if your partner needs space as Philadelphia personal matchmakers review the signs men give when they are in need of space in a relationship.

Most serious relationships will need a break, and by break, we mean some soul searching, sleeping in separate rooms, or taking a vacation alone. Many people see this as one of the worst things that can happen to a couple, but on the contrary, you should look at this as something that will give each of you more perspective and room to grow.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a breather. Spending a little time apart can give you time to focus on what’s important to you. It can also help you rekindle the flames of passion you once had. More often than not, it’s usually the man that initiates this time apart, but needing space doesn’t mean he is cheating. It could just mean he needs some time to blow off some steam. Maybe your relationship is moving too quickly, maybe he is facing a lot of pressure from work, maybe there is unresolved family drama, or maybe he just wants some time to play golf or wash his car.

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How to Know Your Man Wants Space

Whatever his reason for wanting to have some space, you need to respect it. No woman wants to start the conversation about space giving; however, you need to keep an eye for the signs he’s giving you. If you have no idea what signs to look for, our Philadelphia personal matchmaking team will show you what you need to keep an eye for so you can give him the alone time he needs before it becomes an issue in your relationship.

1. He Is Falling Off the Grid

Once you know your boyfriend has fallen off the grid, it’s because he needs some time away. Whether he isn’t answering your phone calls, is ignoring your text messages, or dodging you in other ways, it could mean he is feeling trapped.

Men are like this, and they get away when they don’t want to confront something head on. This disappearing act means he wants some time apart but doesn’t know how to tell you. Try to practice understanding when this happens and realize he is only looking for some me time.

2. He Makes Plans for Himself

Once your boyfriend starts making his own plans and doesn’t involve you, it’s a clear sign he’s looking for some me time. When couples are happy together, all the plans for the relationship will include both of them. It’s a given that you’ll be spending time together whether it’s watching TV or going out on a date, but when he starts to make plans for himself, it’s because he’s looking for some alone time.

3. He’s Mentioned a Break

Once your boyfriend starts to talk about the possibility of taking a break away from the relationship, he is already hinting at some much overdue me time. Although many men would rather resort to staying away or lying so that you don’t bombard them with questions, others have no problem being honest and telling their girlfriends to their face.

If this has happened to you, we don’t want you to panic because this doesn’t mean he wants to break up with you. It just means he wants some time away. Give him some time to cool off. A lot of times this could happen if the new relationship started off to quickly.

4. You’re Arguing a Lot

Once you begin to get on each other’s nerves, everything goes down south from there. If you notice that the two of you are fighting more often than before, it might be a good idea to back off a little bit. This doesn’t mean breaking up, it just means giving the relationship a little time to heal.

5. He’s Never Around

Once your boyfriend starts becoming less and less available, he might be giving off signals that he wants some me time. Not wanting to spend time with you is the most straightforward sign that he wants to be doing something else. Maybe the relationship is too serious for him, maybe there are other things on his mind, but either way, let him figure it out on his own.

6. He Cancels Often

Whether it’s delaying that trip to the beach or cancelling date nights often, you’ve started noticing he is always cancelling plans. Now, this doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to be with you, it just means he wants some alone time. Spending time apart is not bad and it gives you a chance to do things you always wanted to do. And that’s probably what he wants to do too.

7. He Never Makes Plans

On the same note of being unavailable, you can tell when your boyfriend wants space when he is never the one that makes the plans. This might be more of a tell-tale sign if he was always the one making plans for date nights and excursions in the past. He is pretty much hinting to you that he wants some alone time.

8. You’ve Noticed Distance

Whether you’ve been dating for a few months or a few years, you should be able to tell when your man has become emotionally distant. You will sense there is something wrong in the way he talks and does things. Some men tend to pull away completely because they don’t know how to ask for some alone time. Prevent your man from completely pulling away by suggesting he spend the weekend with his buddies, his family, or catching up on the things he needs to do.

9. He Has Become Honest

Some men turn to honesty because they have exhausted other options they thought would work. Maybe you didn’t pick up on any of the hints he gave you, and in this case, it’s good because you can get to the bottom of it without guessing games many men will play.

Wanting some alone time isn’t bad at all. It just means he doesn’t want to be around you every second of the day. Afterwards, you can fix what is going on and work on ways to give each other space so it doesn’t damage your relationship for the future. Remember that if he truly wants to be with you, a few days apart is not going to make a difference.

If you’re currently single and looking for a quality man, contact our Philadelphia personal matchmaking team and let us introduce you to mature men who have the same dating expectations as you.

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