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Here at Philadelphia Singles, we notice a lot of bad dating advice flooding the internet, even from dating and relationship experts.  While it’s not being dished out with bad intentions, this poor dating advice could sabotage your dating journey.  Today, our Philadelphia matchmakers want to save you from this frustration and pain in your romantic life.  From our nearly 30 years of experience in the Philadelphia dating and matchmaking industry, we’ve come across some bad dating advice you need to avoid.  Today, we’ll show you exactly what dating tips to avoid so you don’t make these common mistakes in your romantic life.

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1. Play hard to get with men.

We’re sure you heard this one hundreds of times, right?  A lot of people swear by playing hard to get and being unavailable.  But do you really think he’ll love it if you don’t answer your phone and turn down all his dinner invitations?  Do you think he’ll pursue you harder if you play like you’re not into him?  Absolutely not.  Acting uninterested is not the key to being successful with men.  If you act aloof, he’s really going to think you’re not interested, and rest assured that he’ll move onto the next.

Our Philadelphia matchmakers want you to give men the opportunity to pursue you and stop playing hard to get.  There is a huge difference between responding too enthusiastically to his phone calls and messages and not answering at all.  Men like when a woman has her own hobbies, interests and friends; however, they don’t like when she shows no interest in going out with them.  Maintain your independence, but never play hard to get.

2. You must be ready to have sex on the third date.

Well, what can we say?  This little piece of dating advice was likely created by men with hopes of getting lucky.  But this advice is downright wrong, and you should never follow this rule.  If you want to be successful in your romantic life, you do not need to head to the bedroom on the third date.  If a man expects you to have sex on the third date, he’s not the one for you.  Stop listening to this nonsense because it’s absolutely untrue.

There are double standards when it comes to men and women.  Men are told to go out and sleep with as many women as they can.  We don’t want you to fall into this nonsense.  Don’t feel like you need to sleep with anyone unless they meet your wants and needs.  Never follow the ridiculous third date sex rule you find online.

3. You need to wait several months to have sex.

Okay, so the rule of waiting until your third date is wrong, but waiting several months might not be fitting for you either.  When is the right time?  Well, that is totally up to you.  It’s up to you, and you alone, to decide when to take things to the bedroom.  You should never feel pressured either way.

4. You’ll attract men using the law of attraction.

Relying solely on the law of attraction will never land you a man.  You can’t expect the law of attraction to do everything for you, because you need to take matters into your own hands.  Our Philadelphia matchmakers encourage you to put yourself out there, flirt, have fun and be social.  Just because you look good doesn’t mean men are going to melt for you.  Good looks aren’t going to do the trick.  You must have a warm and welcoming personality to match.  You can’t land romantic success if you’re not putting in any efforts.

Also, never listen to Negative Nancy who swears there are no good men out there.  You must have the right mindset and believe that the right man is out there.

5. You’ll meet the one when you aren’t looking for him.

We’re in the business of matchmaking and relationships, so we see this as the worst dating advice floating around.  How can you expect to find a man when you aren’t looking for him?

If you want to find love, you have to put yourself out there in the Philly dating scene.  The worst thing you can do is sit back and wait for love to come find you.  Dating is a numbers game, so standing on the sidelines waiting for Prince Charming to come to you will cost you big time.  Closing yourself off won’t put you any closer to finding him.

6. Love will conquer everything.

Don’t fall into thinking that love will conquer it all.  Believing that love will make everything work out just fine is the wrong approach for your romantic life.

If you want to have a successful relationship, there have to be more than just love.  Relationships are very delicate and require many more ingredients than love alone.  Relationships require honesty, trust, respect, and friendship.

7. You must find out where he stands on the first date.

Your biological clock could be ticking, and of course you’re looking to find the right man to settle down with.  Your job is to find out if he is serious about dating, like you are, but sitting him down and directly asking him if he’s ready to be in a committed relationship on the first date could end up pushing him away.

Ladies, it’s okay to want to find out where he stands on relationships, but be careful how you approach this delicate topic because you could scare him away.  You can, however, avoid this awkwardness by working with our Philadelphia matchmakers.  Every man we introduce you to will be relationship-minded and ready to settle down.  We carefully hand-select matches that fit your dating criteria and share your relationship expectations.

8. Men dislike intelligent women.

This is one of the worst pieces of dating advice floating around the internet.  Our Philadelphia matchmakers want you to ignore this one at all costs.  Never feel like you have to downplay your accomplishments or make yourself look dumb.  Don’t feel like you have to hide your intelligence.  If he isn’t up to your level, then move onto someone who is.  Never settle for a man who doesn’t appreciate your ambitiousness and intelligence.  You deserve a great man in your life, someone who is proud to call you his partner.  If you’re not having any luck meeting the right guys on your own, let us help you find him.

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