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You are dating the perfect man… the man of your dreams.  He is intelligent, easy on the eyes, and treats you with respect.  Congratulations, you have found Mr. Right.  Here’s the catch: You know he is the one and you love him as a partner, but you don’t know if he would make for a good dad.

Sure, he’s polite and treats you with respect, fun to hang out with, and always does what he can to put a smile on your face and impress you.  But those things doesn’t mean that he’ll be a good dad in the future.  Being a good boyfriend doesn’t mean he will make for a good father.  So how do you know?  Here at Philadelphia Singles, we know how to help you out.  Let our Philadelphia matchmakers show you the signs he’ll make for a fab dad in the future.

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Will He Make For A Good Father?

Our Philadelphia matchmakers specialize in helping marriage-minded men find love so we know what makes a man a good father.  Luckily for you, there a few signs you can look for that will tell you he’ll make a great father in the future.

#1 He Is Responsible in All Aspects of Life

If he can go to work every day, meet deadlines, manage his time and always pay his bills on time without you having to remind him, that’s a good sign.  He is clearly mature enough to handle his own responsibilities in life.  This is very important, because you shouldn’t date someone who isn’t responsible.  He needs to know how to keep his life in order, especially because kids cause a lot of disorder.

#2 He Is Understanding

Remember when you were a kid and you did something wrong and told your dad about it?  Do you remember how instead of getting mad or yelling at you he gave you advice?  That’s knowing when to be serious and when to be understanding.  A man must know when to be understanding.  If the man you are dating knows how to be understanding with his friends, family, and you, that’s a good indicator that he will be a great father.  If he knows how to be soft, then he is capable of being a great father.

#3 He Knows How to Show Affection

If your man takes you out on regular dates, calls you often, isn’t afraid to spend time with your friends, doesn’t mind holding your hand in public, and kissing or cuddling you, then he will be a great father.

Kids need affection from their parents.  They need a nurturer, not just a disciplinarian that keeps them in check.  If your man doesn’t mind showing affection, then you have a good thing going, and chances are he’ll make a great father by showing this affection to your children.

#4 He Knows How to Manage Stress

Everyone is stressed about something in life, but if your man can handle stress correctly and doesn’t let it affect him, then is father material.  Fathers must be able to handle stress from their children.  If your man handles work stress well, then he will be a good father.

#5 He Is Protective of You… But Not Over-the-top

Does your man keep you protected and worry about your wellbeing? Now remember, there is a difference between being protective and being over-the-top.  Your man must understand that you need your personal space and trust you when you are out and about.  A sign of a good father is being protective of family and loved ones.

#6 He Is There When You Need Him the Most

While everyone should be able to handle their own problems, our Philadelphia matchmakers know that a good partner will be there by your side to support you when you need a shoulder to cry on.  He will be understanding and will have no problem lending you a hand when you need one.  He will be reliable and supportive.  Being reliable means your children can count on him when they need their father.

#7 He Is Great with Children

A good father is good with children way before he even has his own.  Watch how he interacts with children and you’ll know how he will be with your own.  If he doesn’t mind talking and playing with children and loves being around them, then that’s a good sign he’ll make a great father in the future.

#8 He Is Mature Around Others

Does he have healthy relationships outside of your relationship?  Is he good with people?  If your man is capable of maintaining good relationships with friends and family, that’s a good sign he’ll make a great father.

#9 He Loves Quality Time at Home

An immature guy parties on the weekends and doesn’t care about his girlfriend. However, a good partner knows how to appreciate his partner and spend quality time together, even if it means watching movies at home.  Over the years, a man should mature enough to cut out the partying on the weekends and appreciate quiet time together.

If your man has left his party days behind and looks forward to weekends at home watching Netflix, then you have a mature man who is ready for a family.

#10 He Does Smalls Things to Put a Smile on Your Face

Something as simple as grabbing your favorite bar of chocolate on the way home from work or taking you out to eat when you don’t feel like cooking are ways he shows you he cares and is willing to do whatever to put a smile on your face.  If he does this for you, rest assured that he’ll do the same for your children.

So tell us, how many signs do you see in the man you’re dating?  Are you still searching for marriage-minded men in Philadelphia? Contact us today and let us introduce you man who you can start a family with.  Fill out the private form at the top of the page to reserve your FREE consultation with our Philadelphia matchmakers today!


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