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Dating in Philly can be tough, no matter how you slice it. And in today’s modern dating scene, it’s hard to tell if someone is into you or not. That handsome man or attractive woman could just be a friendly person. On the other hand, they could be into you. Too many singles today hide their feelings because they’re unsure how the other person feels and don’t want to get hurt or turned down. This is a cycle that keeps many men and women single and lonely in Philadelphia.

So how can you overcome this challenge in the Philly dating scene? You learn to read the signs. Let our Philadelphia matchmakers show you exactly how to tell if someone likes you; after all, we are in the love industry.

Hiding Feelings

Are you unsure if this person is just being friendly or really wants to date you? Do you have someone who is constantly around you without giving you any indication of their feelings? If you can’t tell whether they’re just being friendly or want something more, read on as our Philadelphia matchmakers reveal some hush hush signs they have feelings for you.

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1. They compliment you a lot.

When someone gives you compliments all the time, it’s clear they have feelings for you. Now, we’re not referring to an ordinary “I like your shoes” comment here. We’re referring to deeper compliments such as, “You have the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen.”

2. They notice everything.

Not many people will notice the small things, but those who are interested in you will notice and comment on even the littlest of things you do.

3. They start conversation.

Is this person the one who always starts the conversation with you? Then it’s clear that they want to talk to you… That’s a sign they have a thing for you.

4. They love hanging out.

Does this person always invite you out for coffee? Do they want to take you out to eat or hang out a lot? Well, they likely have feelings for you. When someone wants to see you often it’s because they have something for you and want to get to know you more.

5. They’re always looking at you.

Have you ever caught them checking you out in a group setting? Do you notice that this person’s eyes are always on you? This is because they’re admiring your looks, and it’s almost guaranteed they have something for you.

6. They ask about your status.

Does this person always hint around to find out your relationship status? Do they want to know if you’re seeing someone? It is clear they’re trying to find out if you’re currently dating someone so they can gauge their next move.

7. They inquire about your family.

People who are not interested in you will not ask about your family, but someone who has a thing for you will want to know everything about them because they’re important to you. Does this person ask you if you’re close with your family? Do they ask about your siblings? If so, that’s a good sign of interest.

8. They ask deep questions.

Most casual daters in Philly aren’t going to ask you deep questions or try to find out information about your life. However, when someone is serious and has a thing for you, they’ll want to know your dreams, aspirations, and desires. Does this person ask deep questions? Then, our Philadelphia matchmakers know they may have a crush on you.

9. They joke about dating you.

Ladies, this is a classic for many men in today’s dating scene. If you’ve been seeing a man who often makes jokes that the two of you spend so much time together you might as well be a couple, then he is gauging your reaction to see if you’re interested in him too.

10. They talk about you to mutual friends.

If you and this man or woman have the same circle of friends and they’re interested in dating, it’s likely they talk about you to them. Has word gotten back to you that this person has been doing a lot of chitchatting about you? Then it’s clear they have a thing for you.

11. They’re very touchy with you.

No, we’re not referring to weird or creepy touching. Does he or she get close to you? Do they always make excuses for physical closeness or contact? Keep an eye for shoulder touches or a hand being placed on your back because those are signs of interest.

12. The two of you always end up together.

Somehow, no matter what the two of you are doing, even after hanging out in a group setting, it always ends with just the two of you.

13. They pay more attention to you in a group setting.

Have you noticed this man or woman pays extra attention to you when in a group setting? If someone focuses their attention on you all the time, it’s clear they have a thing for you.

14. They smile at you.

You know how they say if someone has a thing for you they’re always going to be happy? Well, it’s true. Do you notice this person is always flashing you their pearly whites? If so, you have your answer.

15. They discuss the future with you.

No, not just the plans for the weekend. They ask you deeper plans, such as five to ten years from now. They are gauging to see if your futures align to figure out if the two of you could end up together.

16. They confide in you.

Do you know this person’s deepest secrets? It’s no coincidence that they told you and no one else. Confiding in you means they trust you, which our Philadelphia matchmakers know is a major indication they’re interested in dating.

17. They always look nice around you.

Have you notice that when this person comes around you they’re always dressed to impress? Even if it’s the two of you hanging out at home? They are putting in time to look good to impress you for a reason… and we think you know what that is, right?

Deciphering whether someone is into you isn’t always easy because many daters today try to hide it. Our Philadelphia matchmakers hope these hush hush signs help you figure out their true intentions.

Are you not meeting the right men or women on your own? Contact our Philadelphia matchmakers and let us introduce you to relationship-minded singles who are compatible with you.

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