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Dating might be a little confusing, but it’s not rocket science. You might not know where you stand with a woman, but if you want to be successful with her, you can’t display bad dating behaviors. If you’re navigating the murky waters of the Philadelphia dating scene, remember to keep these dating habits in mind. Let our Philadelphia matchmakers show you great dating habits you must have if you want to be successful in your dating life.

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1. Always break up in person.

This one is a no-brainer. No one in the world deserves to be broken up with via phone, Facebook, or email. It’s just immature. Breakups should be done face to face. Maybe you don’t care about the person anymore, but you once cared, and they deserve to hear it from you in person—no matter what happened. Really, it’s common decency.

2. No cheating under any circumstance.

How can this even be an option? If you’re willing to cheat on someone, then you obviously don’t care about them. Cheating is the most selfish act you can do, and frankly it’s disrespectful. Your actions don’t just affect your partner, they affect everyone around. So instead of committing the ultimate betrayal, break up with your partner in person. This is a lot less cruel than cheating on someone and having them find out later. Cheating crushes people’s hearts and spirits, and you never want to be responsible for that.

3. Let go when you’re no longer into them.

Leading someone on is wrong. If you no longer have feelings for someone, then you need to let them go, no matter what. If you’re no longer interested in them like you were in the beginning, set them free. If you found someone new, set them free before you cheat on them. It is the right thing to do.

4. Reply to texts in a reasonable amount of time.

If you get a text, why wait a few hours to write back when you can do it right now? No one should be put through those games. If you’re not interested in that person, simply let them know you’re not interested anymore.

5. Give each other space outside of the relationship.

Who wants to feel suffocated in a relationship? You might love your partner and want to spend every second of the day with them, but if you do, you’re going to suffocate them. You both need time outside of the relationship to breathe, enjoy your hobbies and interests, and spend time with friends and family. Don’t ever make a woman the center of your world and suffocate her.

6. Give your partner privacy.

Snooping around is an obvious sign that you don’t trust your partner, and if there’s no trust, then there’s no relationship—no matter how good things are. You shouldn’t rifle through your partner’s drawers, read their emails and texts, and always wonder where they’re at. If you can’t trust them, move on.

7. Put an end to the relationship.

Whoever came up with ghosting deserves the worst punishment in the world. Ghosting someone is very immature and hurtful, so instead of ghosting someone, break up with them in person—as we stated before.

8. Know your intentions.

If you’re only interested in a casual relationship, say it from the beginning. If the other person thinks you’re heading down the road to a committed relationship, don’t let them down. That’s not fair, and it’s bad karma.

These eight dating habits are habits our matchmakers applaud and encourage. Do you display these awesome behaviors in your dating life?

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