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When it comes to your relationship, our Philadelphia matchmakers know it can be easy to let people’s influences affect you. People are constantly passing judgements and sharing their thoughts. Family and friends are the first ones to say things that can wreak havoc in your relationship… And then there is society as a whole.

All of these outside influences can surely add up and affect your relationship.

For instance, you shouldn’t sleep with someone until you are serious about them; otherwise, you risk ending up with a broken heart. We’ve all heard lines like this from friends, family, coworkers, and society in general. Soon, your once perfect relationship, will be flushed down the toilet.

If you’re tired of letting people influence you and dictate your relationship, our Philadelphia matchmakers have some expert tips to help you out. We have been in the dating industry for nearly three decades and have some insightful relationship tips that will help you safeguard your relationship from others.

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1. Keep Things Private

Your relationship is between you and your partner, and that’s exactly how you need to keep it (private). No one deserves to know the ins and outs of your relationship. We advise you not to share your problems with anyone but your partner.

If you’re constantly complaining on social media that your relationship is this, or telling people that your partner is that, your friends and family will soon start sharing their opinions with you, which is why it’s best to keep things private.

The next time you and your partner get into an argument, do not grab your phone and post about on your social media account, and don’t call your best friend and blab everything to them. Don’t write “he’s such a jerk” or “she did it again.” Your friends and family will start telling you things that might alter your opinion of your partner.

2. Listen to Your Heart

No one knows your partner better than you do, no one. If you are in love with them, and you’re certain they are the one, don’t listen to the opinions of others. Just because Tori doesn’t like him or your mom doesn’t like that she can’t cook, doesn’t mean they’re not a good partner for you. Just remember that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but you don’t have to listen to it.

Tori might believe he’s a jerk simply because she’s a bitter single woman who hates men in general, and your mom doesn’t like that she doesn’t know how to cook because she’s worried how she’ll run a home in future. Look at the entire situation and decide for yourself. Don’t just make snap decisions based on what others share with you.

3. Start Taking Control

This is a very important one. You need to take control of your life. Why? Because you are a grown adult. Sure, we need to listen to the people who are close to us and take their advice, but your relationship is between you and your partner; therefore, you need to be in control. The decisions you make will affect you and your partner, not your friends and family.

People are going to pass judgements all the time, but you need to talk to them and explain yourself. Explain that this person means the world to you, even if they don’t see eye to eye with them.

The last thing you want is someone else meddling and trying to control your romantic life. Listen to your inner-voice and follow it. Do not be afraid to be in control and stand up to others.

4. Don’t Listen to Society’s Rules

We have all watched romantic movies and seen how they portrays relationships to be. It’s usually a perfect man, a knight in shining armor, the one that loves the woman unconditionally. However, our Philadelphia matchmakers know this sort of relationship doesn’t exist, not in the real world.

Don’t expect to have a relationship like the ones in rom-coms or TV shows because it will never happen.

Relationships are way different in real life than those we see in the movies. There are arguments, fights, and many road blocks along the way.

5. Defend Your Relationship

The next time your friend or family member says something about your partner, defend your relationship with solid points. Tell them you love this person and they are not what they see them to be. Also, when talking to them, you never want to reveal too much information and divulge too many personal details or secrets. Just make the point that you care for them and leave it at that.

Other people can be the death of your relationship. And we’re not talking about the cute blonde waitress or the hunky bodybuilder at the gym. We’re talking about your friends and family members, the ones that are constantly passing judgement and getting in the middle.

Everyone out there will have their own opinion, but you don’t have to listen to it; you can save your relationship. Remember that your relationship is yours and your partner’s only. Sometimes, an opinion is good, but friends and family might not see the relationship clearly and can often be the cause of a good relationship falling apart… If you let them.

If your partner makes you happy and they’re not doing anything wrong, then you must overlook the opinions of friends and family. You choose your own path, you choose your own love, and you choose your own life.

If you’re not meeting the right partners on your own, contact our Philadelphia matchmakers today and let us introduce you to quality singles in Philly!

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