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Here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service, we know it can be very difficult to pick a gift for a guy, especially if you’re in a new relationship.  Men love simple things, but they also like very expensive things.  There are a lot of things you can shop for, but how do you know what he wants?  How can you pick the perfect gift?  And how can you do it without breaking your bank account?  Don’t worry, our Philadelphia matchmakers have been in the dating industry for a long time and we’ll help you pick the perfect gift for your boyfriend this holiday season.

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Christmas & New Year’s Gifts for Him

With Christmas nearly here and New Year’s a block away, you need to pick the perfect gift for your boyfriend.  So what should you get that special man in your life?  Read on as our Philadelphia matchmakers give you the best gift ideas for your boyfriend this holiday.

1. Man Toys

Look around his place and see what type of toys your man has.  If he doesn’t have any, then get a clue by what he likes to do.  Does he collect anything?  Is he more of a techy type of guy with all the latest gadgets?  This will give you some great insight to what type of toy to get him.  After all, you need to get him something he’s going to use, not something that sits in the corner collecting dust.

2. Shoes

Men are into shoes, just like you.  There is no better gift than a nice pair of shoes, especially since every time he wears them, he’ll think of you.  Plus, he’ll look stylish when he’s with you, which is something we know you want.

3. A Book

Look at his bookshelf and see what type of books he’s into.  Is he into crime novels?  Sci-fi?  Or is he into self-help books?  This will help you decide what type of book to get him.  If he has a favorite author, then get him the latest release.

4. Video Games

It’s no secret that some men are into video games, even adults.  In order to get him the perfect gift in this category, take a look at his collection and see what he’s missing.  Now, you don’t just have to give him a game either.  You could also give him a new console, an accessory he’s missing, or something fun the two of you could play together.

5. A Care Package

This could be anything you know he needs.  Is he worried about an upcoming job interview?  Is he flying out of the country?  Does he plan on working out as one of his New Year’s resolutions?  Then, create a thoughtful care package that consists of those things you know he’ll need. 

6. A Gift for Him & His Friends

Now, this gift isn’t just a free pass for his friends.  Our Philadelphia matchmakers like this gift idea because you’re showing your boyfriend that you care about the people he loves.  It could be tickets to a local comedy show for him and his best friend or a planned get together at home.  Invite his friends over and show them to a good time, which means cooking and serving up some of their favorite snacks and drinks, which is perfect since it is football season and you know guys love their food and football!

7. Rent Him a Nice Car

There are a few rental companies here in Philly that will allow you to rent a Ferrari or even a Lamborghini.  You already know your boyfriend has dreamed about driving one of these cars his whole life, so why not make his dream come true by renting him one for the day?  You will surely make his entire year with this incredible gift idea!

8. A Trip for Two

It’s chilly here in Philly, so why not get away and go to a secluded beach?  Is he into skiing? If so, how about a cabin in the woods?  This is the perfect time to escape with your boyfriend and ring in the New Year with style.  And going on a trip together means creating new experiences and memories, not to mention bonding as a couple. 

9. Sexy Lingerie for You

You already know your boyfriend loves seeing you in sexy lingerie, so now is the perfect time to pick up something cute or super sexy to ring in the New Year together.

10. A Puppy

Have the two of you already been discussing getting a puppy?  Does he have time and patience to care for a cute little guy?  If so, this will be the perfect time to get one.  If your boyfriend is an animal lover, then is the perfect gift for him.

11. A Day at the Shooting Range

Men and their guns, right?  They just can’t get enough of them.  Well, what better way to make his day than taking him to the shooting range and letting him practice his aim?  You can either go together or let him go with his friends.

12. A Day at the Amusement Park

Men, even grown ones, have an inner-child deep inside them.  And what better way to bring it out than by spending the day at the amusement park?  There are plenty of amusement parks open during Christmas and New Year’s and you can make a fun and action-filled day out of it.  And who knows, maybe he’ll win you a big teddy bear to remember the day by.

13. A Phenomenal Cologne

You want your man to smell good, right?  Well, of course you do.  Check out the latest men’s colognes and purchase him the top-rated one you know he would love.

We hope that you liked the gift ideas from our Philadelphia matchmakers.  Our matchmakers have changed the lives of many singles in Philly and we’re passionate about what we do.  If you’re single and wishing for partner, contact us today so we can start your search for love and help you start the New Year right!

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