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Traditional gender roles might lead you to believe checking out the opposite sex is something only guys can do. However, women do their fair of checking out men too. Do you know how to tell if she’s checking you out?

Women are considered to be subtle and discreet when it comes to taking a look at the goods, whereas men are like heat-seeking missiles who close in on their target. Women are capable of getting full body scans without being noticed.

Their “checking out” game is better than that of a spy. They take mental pictures of a man’s physique while he sits there unware he just got checked out. Stealthy and slick is the name of their game.

So, are still wondering how to tell she’s checking you out?

Today, the best Philadelphia dating service is here to reveal the answers for you. Let our Philly matchmakers teach you the telltale signs she’s checking you out.

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1. Successive and frequent glances.

When checking a guy out, women make good use of their vision. They throw quick unassuming glances in succession – making it look like they are ignoring you. Meanwhile, they are really taking mental pictures of your body and checking you out.

2. They will smile at you.

If you do catch them throwing glances your way, their immediate response would be to hold eye contact for a little while, throw in a subtle smile, and look away – all while pretending to mind their own business. That smile is the dead giveaway that she’s checking you out. Flash her a smile back and see where things go from there.

3. She positions herself from a good vantage point.

Like a good sniper in a war, she picks a good vantage point where she can safely check you out without getting caught. And if you’re lucky enough to have caught her checking you out, she’ll even move in your general area if you’re on the go. The only drawback is she seems like a stalker hovering in your general direction, giving you the feeling you’re being tailed by a cop.

4. They hover or hang around near you.

Women are keen to small details of a man’s behavior. They smartly use your routines to efficiently check you out. So if you are a creature of habit who likes to use a certain route every day, grab your lunch at a specific table, or walk through the same hallway, she’ll take advantage of your routines. Then, she’ll occupy the same space to be close to you.

5. Her friends will be looking at you.

Women care about their friends’ opinions when it comes to guys. It will be easy to tell that you’re being checked out when you get glances from a group of girls – either one at a time or all at the same time. The difficulty is knowing which woman is the likely culprit. The key is to pay attention to their conversation and behaviors after you catch them looking your way.

So you see, it’s not that hard to figure out when a woman is checking you out. If you notice an attractive woman eyeing you up, give her a few signs you think she’s cute too.

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