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Sex is a very important aspect of a healthy and happy relationship. However, it’s far from the only way to strengthen the bond with your partner. If you want to dig deep and really increase your intimacy, we have a few love tips for you.

Today, our Paoli matchmakers are going to show you how to increase your relationship intimacy with your clothes on.

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1. Have a good laughing session.

It’s almost cliché at this point, but not only is laugher the best medicine, but it’s one of the best ways to increase the bond with people. A shared sense of humor can go a long way to better the relationship with your partner, so let yourself have a good laughing session together. It will work wonders for your relationship. Trust us on this one, nothing will make you feel closer than laughing it out together.

2. Talk about a shared enemy.

Whether it’s the guy who takes your parking spot in front of your apartment every day or Trump’s idiocy, there’s nothing better than talking about a shared enemy together. While this shouldn’t be a huge part of your relationship, you’ll feel comforted in knowing that you’re not the only one disliking someone that so clearly deserves it.

3. Don’t neglect random acts of appreciation.

No one likes being taken for granted, and most of us would never intentionally do that to the person we love, but it happens. That’s why it’s important not to neglect those little acts of appreciation that can go a long way to strengthen your relationship. Let your partner know how thankful you are for all they do for you and keep the bond going strong.

4. Hang out with their family.

You’ve probably met their parents by now and vice versa, but we’re talking about getting down to the nitty-gritty and spending an extended amount of time together. It’ll likely be a frustrating yet fun experience, and it’ll definitely add a new layer of intimacy to your relationship. Nothing will make your partner feel more secure than you spending time with their family, especially if it’s your idea. Why? Because it shows that you care about the people they love and that you want to be a part of their future.

5. Go through a difficult time together.

No one in their right mind would wish for hardship, but the truth is that life always has hardships along the way. If you can make it through a difficult time together with your partner and come out on the other side, you’re guaranteed to have a relationship that’s a lot stronger. If you can pick each other up when you’re feeling down, that says a lot about your partnership. Be the voice of reason, the voice of encouragement and motivation.

6. Take care of them when they’re sick.

The thought of cleaning up vomit or picking up your partner’s yucky tissues might not sound appealing, but it’s the least you can do for someone you love. Nursing your partner back to wellness via warm tea, soup, or even just spending time by their side will increase the intimacy in your relationship. It shows you love and care for them in sickness and health.

So you see, it’s not hard to increase the intimacy in your relationship. Increasing the intimacy doesn’t mean getting hot and heavy in the bedroom all the time. There are plenty of everyday ways to get close and connect with your partner on a much deeper level. Increasing the intimacy involves providing a feeling of safety and security, as well.

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