Why Online Dating in Philadelphia Isn’t the Route to Find Love

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Online dating in Philadelphia might seem exciting at first glance. You get to create your own profile, upload your best pictures, and sit back to wait for candidates to hit you up. You have decided to take control of your dating life and are now open-minded about your approach. If she lives far from you, you’ll take the train. If he only wants something casual, then oh well.

The world of online dating is completely different for men and women, just like it is in the regular dating world. The men always have to work harder than the women. Still, single and hopeful but not having luck meeting eligible men or women in conventional ways such as the bars or clubs. All your friends are telling you the easiest way of dating is through popular online dating sites, so you think to yourself, why not?

online dating in philadelphia

Why Online Dating in Philadelphia Doesn’t Work

Thinking about taking the plunge with your dating life? Read on as our Philadelphia matchmakers delve deep into the world of online dating and show you the reasons it’s never a good idea for men, or women, to use an online dating site to look for love.

1. Profiles Are Made Carefully

People take a lot of time crafting their perfect profiles. That’s right, when your potential candidate has taken her lovely time to perfect her about me section to come off as appealing and perfect as she can to all the men reading it. Users also have all the time they need to come up with the perfect responses to your messages and appear as charming and sweet as can be. Your online dates spend countless hours creating the perfect profiles and choosing the most flattering pictures. Don’t be surprised if she is completely different in person than the way she looked and came off to you online.

2. She Looks Nothing Like the Picture

Following up with the point above: if you ask any online daters what their worst experience was, they are more likely going to tell you that the women they met looked nothing like their profile pictures. Women know that men are visual creatures, and many of them use old pictures to lure them in online.

Since we do live in a shallow society, where a pretty face is more important than an actual connection, women using online dating sites rely on outdated pictures—and they do it for a reason. If you don’t like what you see, you’re likely going to skip over to the next woman’s picture that captures your eye. If you’re expecting a beauty queen online, you’re not likely to find her there.

3. Don’t Expect Respect

Respect doesn’t exist in the online dating world, so don’t expect it. People will ignore you in a blink of an eye and without giving you any kind of explanation. After all, it’s not real dating and they don’t have to do it face to face.

4. You Will Get Ripped Off

If you’re a man, the world of online dating will drain you out of a lot of money. Odds are you will have to message tons of women before you ever get a date. And guess what? Every message you send will cost you. If you finally agree to go out on a date, that will also cost you. And chances are you won’t hit it off (since, after all, she’s not anything in person like she came off to you online). Guess what this means for you? Back to the drawing board to repeat the cycle, again and again. Fibbing Farah got a free dinner, while you end up with awkward conversation and a trip home feeling duped and disappointed.

5. Ladies, Things Will Get Boring

Ladies, while the commercials flooding your TV screens might try to convince you that there are hunks of pure muscle on dating sites, odds are you won’t find your Mr. Prince Charming on the internet. And the risky part is that you never know who is really going to be sitting across from you if you decide to meet up. For all you know, he could have a girlfriend, a wife, or maybe he just came out of jail—all risky business for you!

6. Inappropriate Photos

Not all men will do this, but of course there are a lot of men on dating sites who are perverts and will not miss an opportunity to send you inappropriate photos of themselves. Beware ladies, online dating sites are flooded with this type of men.

7. They Are Taken

No point in lying about this one ladies and gentlemen. If you haven’t heard, there are many married people scouring online dating sites looking for a quick fling—so disgusting.

8. Online Rejection

Okay, so you’ve been conversing this woman for about a month and decided to take things to the next level. But before that can even happen, she breaks things off with you. The two of you didn’t even get a chance to meet face to face. You have wasted a month out of your time and are right back to square one. Be prepared because rejections happen in the online dating world. With so much competition, someone else might have come and swept your lady away before things ever got off the ground.

9. It’s Downright Scary

We have all heard of the craigslist killer, but there are plenty of less threatening people out there who can also cause a lot of harm. For example, ladies, some men might try to take you home and make advances on you, even after you decline. There are many horror stories of men becoming stalkers or even attacking women they met online. The truth is, you never know who the person you’re talking behind that computer screen really is, which is why online dating is brings many dangers to those who are looking for love.

Online dating in Philadelphia is one of the scariest things local singles can do. If you are looking for a safe alternative to finding love in Philly, contact one of our professional matchmakers today to get started. Dating with the help of our dating professionals provides the safety, privacy, and reliability you need on your search for love.

Forget online dating and go the safer route—Contact our expert matchmakers today to set up a free, no obligation consultation.







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