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In the dating world, men should be honest with their relationship status. Unfortunately, some guys just aren’t so forthcoming. Many men out there are liars and cheaters. And although you should be able to tell whether a guy is single or not, unfortunately, it’s not always so easy.

It is really hard and intimidating to open yourself up and invest in someone new, only to find out you’re wasting your time because he is already in a relationship. Players aren’t going to come out and tell you they’re already taken because they want to take advantage of you.

Ladies, it’s up to you to figure out whether he already has a girlfriend. That being said, we know it’s not always an easy task. But our Newtown Square dating service is here to help you out. Let our Philadelphia matchmakers show you the telltale signs he already has a girlfriend.

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1. He doesn’t answer his phone calls or texts in front of you.

Ladies, this is a huge red flag he’s already taken. If he looks at his phone when it rings but quickly puts it away, that could mean his girlfriend is texting or calling him. Obviously, he doesn’t want to answer in front of you and quickly puts it out of sight.

However, it could also be one of his annoying buddies trying to reach him, so keep an eye for the following signs for a better reading on his relationship status.

2. His phone is nowhere to be seen.

We already established that if he doesn’t answer his phone around you that’s a red flag. We all have our phones glued to our hands all the time. It is weird to see someone who’s not on their phone nowadays. If the new guy you’re dating doesn’t have his phone anywhere to be seen, that’s also a red flag. He could be hiding his phone so you don’t see it ring or beep.

3. He doesn’t call you by your name.

This is a red flag, ladies. If the guy your dating doesn’t call you by your name and only calls you by pet names, that’s a sign he has a girlfriend. If he only calls you sweetheart, sweet cheeks, or baby—and rarely uses your name—it could be because he has a girlfriend and doesn’t want to slip up.

4. You caught him lying about little things.

Did your guy say he’s going to be home all night, but when you call him he’s out on the town? Does he say he’s going to be at one place but later confuses his story and mentions a whole different place? When a guy is leading a double life, it can be hard for him to remember the details of his lies. If he’s lying about little things, he might be covering up the fact that he already has a girlfriend.

5. He doesn’t want you to come to his house.

If his house is completely off limits, it might be because another woman lives there. or maybe there are so many of her belongings at his place that he knows you’ll question it. Of course, it could be something else too—like his place isn’t clean or he has a roommate.

6. You haven’t met any of his friends or family.

If you are, in fact, the side woman, he will never bring you around his friends and family. If his friends and family don’t know you exist, then you already know you’re being kept a secret for a reason—he has a girlfriend.

7. You always go out of town together.

If he always takes you out of town for dates, it’s because he’s trying to keep you a secret. Sure, it’s fun to go out of town, but if none of your dates have been local , it’s because he doesn’t want anyone who knows he has a girlfriend to see you together. He can’t risk running into someone he knows.

8. You smell another woman’s perfume on him.

This is a classic sign he already has a girlfriend. If you notice he always smells girly and it’s always the same perfume, it’s probably because he’s already taken.

Ladies, you should always trust your gut if you feel like something is up. Sure, women are known for overanalyzing everything. But if you feel like something is up, it’s probably because, well, something is up.

If you’re tired of meeting players and jerks, it’s time to contact the best Newtown Square dating service and let our matchmakers introduce you to quality single men who are relationship-minded and compatible with you. When you date with help from Philadelphia Singles, you don’t have to worry and question your date’s intentions. We do thorough screening to ensure every client is fit and serious about dating and falling in love. We do the worrying for you so you can enjoy dating for what it’s meant to be.

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