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Is your boyfriend checking out other women lately?  Don’t panic.  It doesn’t mean he’s going to cheat on you or that he’s lost interest in the relationship.

But what does it mean?  Why is your man’s eye wandering when he already has a girlfriend?  Today, the top matchmakers in Philly are going to show you the real reasons why men can’t keep their eyes from looking at other beautiful women.

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Women Are Known to Draw Attention with Their Looks

It’s no secret that women demand attention.  From high heels to beautiful legs, all the way up to big smiles, long hair, and painted nails, they demand attention from everyone.  Wherever they go, it’s all eyes on them.

Most women spend a lot of time choosing their outfits and accessories so they look well put together and draw in positive attention.  They dress to impress to look good and get noticed by everyone around.  Now, ask yourself: why do men check out other women?  Because they can’t help themselves.

Also, women know how to dress in a way that will draw all eyes to them.  From low cut shirts to small skirts, they know how to look good and flaunt their best assets.

Men have a hard time not looking when a woman is dressed in a provocative way.  Now, we can’t be sexist because men also get a lot of attention.  Maybe you are guilty of checking out attractive men as well.  Do you look at muscular guys?  Do tall, dark, and handsome men get your head turning?  See, it’s only natural to look; after all, they’re attractive.

Both sexes are drawn to the opposite sex.  It’s not because they want to do something outside of the relationship but because their eyes can’t help themselves.  For men, it’s especially difficult to not look at a beautiful woman.

However, as the leading matchmakers in Philly, we know that if your man is drooling over women as they walk by, that is disrespectful and you should talk to him about it.  However, a quick glance here and there isn’t hurting anyone.

Do You Check Out Other Women as Well?

Instead of asking why your man checks out other women, ask yourself this question: Have you ever found yourself checking out attractive women?  The answer is probably yes.

Maybe you look at her dress, shoes, hairstyle, walk, or the way she carries herself.  But the truth is, she probably got your attention.  It might not be the same thing as your man looking at her, but she definitely caught your eye.  Her mission is accomplished.  Now, can you really blame a guy for looking at an attractive woman when a woman’s intention is to look good and demand attention?  The only way you should be mad at your boyfriend is if he is being disrespectful and crossing the line.

Is There a Difference Between Staring & Looking?

Yes, there is a big difference.  If your boyfriend is merely looking at her, then there isn’t a problem.  However, if he is gawking at her, staring, or making remarks, then you have a problem.

Staring at a woman for too long means he’s checking her out much more than he should.  In other words, he is crossing the line and disrespecting you.  If this is the case, then you need to talk to your boyfriend about what he is doing.

As the leading matchmakers in Philly, we know there are a lot of players in the Philadelphia dating scene.  However, you don’t want to jump to conclusions that your man is one of them until you have a talk with him.  Maybe he doesn’t even know what he’s doing, so mentioning it to him could open his eyes and make him change his ways.

Why Do Men Check Out Women When They Already Have One?

They say that old habits die hard, and that is probably true for your boyfriend checking out other women.  Your boyfriend might have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that he is already in a relationship.  If he was known for being a Casanova, then he is known for being drawn to women and drawing them to him.  It might take some time until he realizes this needs to stop.

When he sees an attractive woman, his reaction is to turn on the game, which includes giving her the eyes.  Of course, you will find this behavior frustrating and hard to ignore, and with good reason.  You shouldn’t let him continue to do this to you, but you must first talk to him about it before blowing up on him.  Let’s hope that with time he will change his ways.

He Might Be Trying to Make You Jealous

Not all men do this one, but your boyfriend could be doing it to get a rise out of you.  He could be doing it to prove a point.  Maybe he wants you to know that he is attractive and other women find him desirable.

He could be doing it to remind you not to get lazy and complacent.  Maybe he wants you to know that you have to work hard to keep his attention, or he could also have insecurities issues himself.  He could believe that in order to keep the relationship going he must constantly prove himself to get your attention, which is why he is checking out other women.

He Could Be Doing It to Get Back at You

Maybe you have a habit of checking out other men yourself.  If so, your boyfriend might be checking out other women to get back at you.  There is no way to get to the truth unless you sit down and talk to him and find out why he is checking out other women.

No woman wants her man to check out other women.  As the leading matchmakers in Philly, we advise you to talk to him about this issue and voice your concerns in a calm manner.  Tell him how you feel and let him know that you’re not happy with his behavior.  If your man continues to disrespect you by ogling, flirting, and crossing the line with other women, you know what you have to do.  You have to cut ties and go your own way because you deserve better.

If you’re tired of meeting nothing but the wrong guys, fill out the private form at the top of the page to reserve your FREE matchmaking consultation with our experts today.  It’s time to let the best matchmakers in Philly introduce you to quality men who are respectful and compatible with you.

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