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Saying I love you to your partner might seem easy to you, but trust us, it can take more than sending them a Facebook message or a text to get your point across. Today our professional matchmakers from Philadelphia Singles Dating Service will show you some creative ways to tell your partner you love and care for them.

If you want to prove to your partner that you love them, you can easily do it by showing them how much you care for them through your everyday actions. Anyone can say simple words, but words don’t always have a lasting impression. And this is especially true when it looks like what was said was rehearsed or copied from the internet.

When You Use the Word “I Love You”

Saying those magical words should only happen when you are absolutely sure the two of you are on that level in your relationship. When a person chokes or hesitates to say those magic words, it can symbolize that the feeling just isn’t quite there.

People say I love you, not because they need to say it or because it’s expected, they say it because they do feel that way and want their partner to know.

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How to Say I Love You to Your Partner

When you’re in love with your partner, saying those magic words should come naturally. People in relationships use different techniques to let their partner know they love them. Some people do it in a romantic way, while others do it more subtly, but the meaning is still behind it. There are many ways people profess their love in the 21st century, especially with the modern technology of Facebook, texts, emails, etc.

But because of technology, the act itself has become less personal than it used to be. However, there are people out there who still do things the old fashioned way. People who are truly in love with their partners have found some creative ways of letting their partner know how they feel. In our 25 years of experience, we have seen many ways people show their love for each other. Today, our matchmakers will share some of those ingenious ways with you.

1. Use Something from Their Line of Work

If you have been working for a certain type of company or industry for a while, then you might already know that people come up with certain inside jokes from that field. Use this to your advantage by collecting phrases and catchy terms you can use to tell your partner you love them.

For example, if your partner is a doctor, use a quote from the field, such as “You get my heart pumping.”

2. Use Arts & Crafts to Express Your Feelings

Choosing this method will cost a little bit of your time, but trust us, the fruits of your labor will be worth it in the end. It might seem cheesy and corny, but it will let your partner know how much you love them and make them laugh, but also feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

You can make anything from a crossword puzzle, a fun photo collage, a nicely decorate picture frame, or you could even get some cute ideas from Pinterest. Anything you can do with your hands that says I love you will go a long way with your partner.

3. Do a Love Ritual

When doing a love ritual and performing it for your partner, you need to be able to explain it for them. Every country has a different type of love tradition, whether it’s a 10 year anniversary ritual, a dance under the moon, or a live show performed by you, love rituals are a great way to let your partner know you love them. You can serenade your partner, sing via karaoke, or read them a thoughtful poem you wrote especially for them.

4. Gift Them a Care Package with Their Favorite Treats

Tell your partner that the basket you’ve made for them (and all the things inside) for I love you in case they did not get your intentions. Make sure you put in all the treats and goodies you know your partner likes. It can be cured ham, their favorite gourmet cheeses, pistachios and nuts, and even bottle of wine or whisky.

5. Say It with Food

You can purchase food items that say I love you, or better yet, why not make it yourself? If you are a rookie in the kitchen, there are millions of recipes online that will guide you step by step. You can write the words “I love you” on a cake, you can make a pizza or their favorite breakfast frittata in the shape of a heart. When it comes to food, the possibilities are endless.

6. Say It with Music

Nothing can express love better than music. All of the great artists out there have created wonderful songs with love in mind. If you are not a singer, don’t worry. You can make a playlist for your boyfriend or girlfriend with romantic and loving songs. Find a song that gets your message across. Try to find songs that mean something to your relationship, songs that you listened to when you first started dating, when you had your first dance, or even your first kiss.

7. Say It Whenever You Feel Like It

You don’t have to wait for the perfect time to say I love you, all you need to do is feel it. It’s cute when you say I love you out of the blue. Say it when you wake up, say it when you’re making breakfast, say it when you call your partner midday, or say it when you arrive home from work. The element of surprise shows your partner that you love them at any given time.

Loving someone isn’t difficult. It’s the greatest gift you can give your partner. Doing it in cute and different ways is just an extra bonus.

If you’re currently single but looking for that special someone, contact our matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles today and let us help you find them!

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