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As you already know, men get bored quickly.  The fact of the matter is, they don’t have much of an attention span, so it’s difficult for them to be interested in something for a long period of time.  Many men think that women only care about gossiping and shopping and fail to realize that’s not really what women want at all. 

The biggest fear for you, or any woman for that matter, is to lose your partner because you couldn’t keep his interest.  Does that ring a bell? 

Your man might not feel like talking because he’s not interested in the topic being discussed.  Let’s be honest, ladies, he doesn’t really care about Katie’s latest Facebook status or Sandra’s new haircut.  Let our Malvern matchmakers teach you how to keep the conversation going strong.

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How to Keep Your Man Interested

In order to keep a man interested, you must learn what subjects to talk about with him.  He is not one of your girlfriends so you can’t go to him with gossip and expect him to be interested.  He doesn’t care that Kim Kardashian left her house without makeup, nor does he care that your best friend just got dumped for the third time in six months. 

So what do you do to keep your man interested?  Find out today, as our Malvern matchmakers show you the secrets to holding his interest.

1. Talk about his interests.

It’s no secret that men don’t find women’s interests to be all that interesting, unless of course it’s something they enjoy themselves.  Talking about his interests, shows him that you’re willing to learn more about him.  Men don’t have a lot of time to talk about their interests; after all, they don’t usually gather with the guys and sit around discussing their hobbies and passions.  If you want to strike a good conversation, simply give him the opportunity to talk about his interests with you.

2. Talk about his work.

Men are very proud of what they do, so asking him about his job will surely get him going.  Ask him about his current projects, goals, and future plans.  By showing him you’re interested in his life, you’ll keep him interested in you.  

3. Talk about his hobbies and interests.

You might cringe at the thought of talking about football, but it’s something that matters to him and will surely get him talking.  Ask him about his favorite team, when they’re playing, and so on. 

If you want to take it up a notch, ask to go to a game with him or simply to watch one together at home.  Better yet, if you know he’s a diehard Philadelphia Eagles fan, get him something Eagles related as a thoughtful surprise.

4. Talk about intimacy.

If there is one thing that’s bound to get any man’s interest, it’s intimacy.  Now, if you are in a serious relationship, there is no shame in discussing your sex life, and any conversation in regards to sex will surely keep your man interested. 

5. Talk about anything having to do with him.

Let’s be honest here, we all know men like to brag about themselves.  And as much as they like to make fun of women for talking too much about themselves, they are the same way.  But instead of discussing a mani and pedi, he is going to tell you about his workout, his new haircut, or his upcoming project at work.  Ask him anything to do with his life and you’re sure to keep him interested in talking for a while.

6. Talk about food. 

Well, this one needs no explanation.  After all, we all know food is something all men love and can’t get enough of.  If you want to keep him interested, talk about his favorite meal, favorite Philly food spots, or favorite game time snacks… Better yet, blow him away and make it for him.

7. Talk about common interests.

Show your man that the two of you are a great couple by discussing common interests.  If you have common interests, such as working out, music, books, or hobbies, such as kayaking or skiing, discuss it.  Make sure you talk about the interests you share to show him that you are a great pair and no other woman can compare.

8. Talk about his passions.

Simply ask him what he’s passionate about and he’ll start talking nonstop.  Sometimes men don’t discuss these things with their friends in fear of being mocked.  But we’re pretty confident he’ll be ecstatic to discuss them with you. 

9. Ask him about his goals.

If there is one thing that will keep a man talking, it’s his goals and plans for the future.  Our Malvern matchmakers know a great way to solidify the bond is by discussing the future together.  Even planning upcoming dates together will do the job here.  So go ahead and make plans to check out the new sushi spot downtown or plan a weekend to the Poconos, if you’re both into skiing.  You get the point, right?

10. Talk about your passions.

One thing that might come as a surprise to you is that men do love hearing about their woman’s passions.  He wants to know that you’re passionate about something, no matter what it is.  For example, tell him that you’re working up the career ladder or let him know all about your love for volunteering in your spare time.  He needs to know that you’re passionate about something other than the Kardashians.

11. Talk about funny things.

Stay away from serious conversations all the time.  If there is one thing all men appreciate in a woman, it’s a lighthearted and funny attitude towards life.  If you had a bad day at work, make a joke and tell a funny story about it instead of whining about it. 

12. Talk about anything new.

Bring up a topic he doesn’t know too much about and explain it to him.  Men love to learn, but it must be something interesting.  Surprising your man is a great way to keep him on his toes and show him that you’re a well-rounded person.

13. Ask him any question.

You can pretty much ask him any question you know will get him talking.  Ask him how his day was, how his presentation went, or anything you know will get him to open up. 

Keeping your man interested is not as tough as it seems.  And thanks to our Malvern matchmakers, keeping your man interested will be simpler than ever.  Do you have any other tips for our readers to keep their partners interested?  We would love to hear from you on our Facebook page!

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