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In today’s world, the profession of love has taking on a whole other meaning.  People today try to do big things to get their partner’s attention.  You might have seen this on your Facebook timeline with over-the-top proposals and other elaborate surprises to profess one’s love.  But you don’t have to go over-the-top to let someone know you love them.  In fact, you can keep it down-to-earth and simple.  Today, our KOP matchmakers will show you how to let your partner know you love them without using words.

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A New Approach to Profess Your Love

No one is denying that large gestures are exciting, because they are.  But you don’t have to do over-the-top things to leave your partner’s cheeks blushed.  You don’t need 10,000 balloons or 10 dozen roses to let your partner know you love them.

That’s right, you can do simple things that show your partner you love them every day.  Our KOP matchmakers are referring to things that go beyond large gestures and words.  After all, we do know one thing: “Actions speak louder than words.”

Follow these simple, yet effective ways of showing your love for the one you care for most.

1. Genuinely Listen to Them

Communication is the backbone to a successful relationship.  If you want to show your partner how much you love them, you must sincerely listen to them.  Listen to your partner when they tell you about their day or when they’re sharing something new with you.

The simple act of listening will help you and your partner bond more.  Plus, you’ll get to know them better.  Sit back and don’t interrupt them when they’re speaking, even if you have heard this story many times before.

2. Make Time for Them

This is the most important thing you can do to show your partner that you love them.  This gesture is more important today than ever before.  Give your partner the time they deserve, even if you have a tight schedule.  You must set time aside to spend quality time together.  If you’re not doing this, our KOP matchmakers want you to start making it a priority.

3. Be Patient & Give Them Slack

There are going to be times when your partner might act a little irrational.  They could be under a lot of stress from work or going through something emotional, so it’s your job to give them some slack and be patient with them.  Do not fly off the handle and get confrontational with them.  If your partner snaps at you, try to remain calm and let it go.  They need your understanding and support to get through those tough times.

4. Surprise Them When You Can

You don’t have to surprise them with over-the-top gestures, nor do your surprises have to be expensive.  Small surprises, such as preparing breakfast in bed or surprising them by doing the chores is all it takes to show your love.

You could also send them flowers, write a lovely note for no reason, or invite them to an impromptu date night in the middle of the week.  After all, surprises work the best when your partner is least expecting them.

5. Stay Connected

As mentioned earlier, communication is one of the most essential ingredients in a successful relationship.  Staying in touch doesn’t just mean eating together but rather always talking and bonding.  You should always make efforts to be involved in your partner’s life.  Find out what they do on the daily, send them thoughtful messages throughout the day and let them know you are always thinking about them.

6. Offer a Massage

There is nothing more comforting than receiving a massage after a long day at work.  You could use that time to catch up on each other’s days, too.

7. Give Them More Kisses

Physical forms of affection are the best way to show your partner you love them, especially if you’re not good with words.  Surprise them with a good morning or goodnight kiss.

You could also display your affection by hugging or holding hands.  A welcoming hug as your partner comes through the door will show them just how much you love them.

8. Take Interest in Their Interests

Couples who share activities and interests last the longest.  You know about the things your partner loves doing in their spare time, so why not go with them and do it together next time?  This surprise will show them you really love them and want to be a part of their life.  You might not enjoy fishing or running, but if your partner does, then you should give it a try.  You might end up likening it after all.

9. Cook for Them

Many couples only cook meals on special occasions, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Why not cook for your partner on a regular night and surprise them with their most preferred meal?  There are so many special dishes and treats you can prepare any day of the year.  You can make them their favorite breakfast, pack them a lunch, or go all out and have a romantic candlelight dinner for two.  You don’t really have to be an expert because there are many great recipes online that will teach you how to make the meal from beginning to end.

10. Do Small Favors

You already know those chores and tasks your partners dislikes doing, so why not express your love for them by taking care of those things?  It could be cleaning Bella’s litterbox or taking Fido out for a walk early in the morning.  You could take out the trash, pick up the groceries, or drop the dry cleaning off.  It doesn’t matter what you do, just surprise your partner by taking the initiative of doing the things they dislike the most.

There you have it, you didn’t have to say I love you because your actions conveyed that loving message for you.  Follow these top 10 tips from our KOP matchmakers and your partner will now just how much you love them every day of the year.

Do you have any other creative ways to show your love?  Share your thoughts with our readers on our Facebook page.

If you’re single and searching, fill out the simple survey at the top of the page to start meeting relationship-minded singles in Philadelphia today!


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