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Sad and thoughtful man after arguing with girlfriendHow many times does someone tell their partner of 10 years they want to leave – yet their partner truly had no idea that a breakup was near? As KOP matchmakers with over 30 years in the Philadelphia dating and matchmaking industry, we know that breakups are no joke no matter how they go down.

Breakups range from mutual and amicable to absolutely devastating. And even when two people realize that they don’t belong in a relationship with one another, it can still be tough to make this huge life change.

And depending on the situation, it’s also extremely hard for everyone around them. Sometimes, mutual friends or family members can see a breakup coming on. But how do you learn to spot it yourself?

Today, our KOP matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service are going to show you the warning signs your boyfriend wants out of the relationship.

1. He is making a list of goals and plans.

When someone wants to break up with their partner, they start creating a list of all the things they want to accomplish in life. It seems like they want to create order in their life so they’re not a mess after breaking the devastating news to their soon-to-be ex-partner. It makes it a little easier to know they have a plan in place once the ball drops.

2. You are no longer a priority in his life.

When a guy starts having no time or desire to be with you, then you know that your relationship is headed for a breakup. It feels awful to have someone hanging around now and then who isn’t really available and is always looking for a way out. If you keep hearing how he is always busy with work, family, and other obligations but doesn’t have time to spend with you – that means you are not a priority in his life.

3. The intimacy has changed.

Of course, physical and sexual chemistry are two very important elements in a relationship. But there is a huge difference between a couple in a rut, and one individual wanting out of the relationship.

It isn’t a good sign if your partner doesn’t want to be intimate with you. It clearly shows that they don’t find you attractive anymore, whether that’s physically or emotionally and mentally. Either way, if they’ve lost the attraction they once had, it’s bad news bears for you.

4. Communication has faded.

Communication breakdowns happen all the time when someone is subtly hinting that they want to leave the relationship. Your partner might become vague about things they are doing whether it’s with work or personal plans they have planned without you. If your conversations start feeling more and more like you don’t know what he wants, it could time to talk to him and find out what’s really going on in your relationship.

5. They have changed their looks.

If your partner wants out, they may start showing signs that they need a change in their appearance. It may start with a drastic new hairstyle. Now, don’t jump the gun, a regular haircut is nothing to worry about. We are talking about something completely different than his usual cut.

Beyond that, there are more subtle signs, like rearranging things in their living space or starting a new TV series without you. If these changes start to come up, your boyfriend could be considering changing the course of the relationship.

So tell us, do you have something to worry about with your guy? Or did you let your doubts and insecurities get the best of you? If you notice a handful of these warning signs, it’s time you ease your mind and sit down for a serious talk with your partner. Don’t drag it out, it’s best you find out now.

If you’re single and ready to meet relationship-minded single men in Philly, contact our KOP matchmakers today and let us help you find true love. Let us introduce you to quality singles in Philadelphia who are serious about dating and a great fit for you.

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