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Every guy has his own relationship deal breakers.  You can only push a man so far before he calls it quits.  There are some men who can handle more than others, but there are some things that will undoubtedly push any man away.

You have deal breakers, and we know you do.  But it’s important for you to know that men have their own too.  So what are those things we’re talking about?  Screaming, nagging, being too clingy are just a few, but there are other things that push men away—things you might not even know you’re doing wrong, and this could be why you’re single today.

To help you figure out those bad relationship behaviors, our KOP matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles are going to show you a few deal breakers that push men away.

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1. Forgetting How to Have a Good Time

Remember how you used to have so much fun during the early stages of your relationship, but everything seems so serious now?  Where did all that silliness go?  Where did all the good times go?  Yes, we understand that things are more serious now, but you still need to make time each day to have a good time; otherwise, you’re going to keep going through boyfriends.

This is not to say you need to put your responsibilities aside, but you should definitely carve out time to have some fun together.  Go for a walk at the local park, grab dinner al fresco, or watch a funny movie in the evening.

2. Having Too Many Insecurities

“Am I as beautiful as her?”  “Why didn’t you answer the phone when I called you, were you with your hot coworker?”  “Why am I so big?”  You know what we’re talking about here.  Insecurities push men away fast, and it happens all the time.  Look, we get it.  Every woman has insecurities, but if you let them get the best of you, they’re going to cost you many relationships.

Your boyfriend wouldn’t be with you if he didn’t find you attractive, so why are you making him question his decision?  Also, not every man is a liar, so unless he’s done something to you in the past, you need to trust what he tells you.

3. Not Liking Kids or Pets

Many people don’t want to bring kids or pets into their life, and there’s no issue as long as you’re on the same page as your partner.  The problem arises when both parties have a difference in opinion.  In fact, this could be the end of your relationship.  If you’re set on never having children while your boyfriend is looking forward to having three, how is this going to work out?

This is a major deal breaker.  It’s crucial to find someone who shares the same future goals as you.  Not everyone wants to be alone forever.  He might love you as a person but not wanting children when he does could be the end of your relationship.

So how many of these deal breakers are you guilty of?  If you’re not able to keep a relationship, now you know the reasons why.  If you’re single and want to meet relationship-minded men in Philly who are compatible with you, let our KOP matchmakers be the ones to introduce you to them.

To start meeting compatible men in Philly, fill out the private form at the top of the page and reserve your FREE 90-minute matchmaking consultation with our KOP matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service today!

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