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As we get older, our dating style evolves. We usually start off looking for the most attractive people around… You know, the ones that are super sexy 10s!

Falling in love tends to happen instantly when you’re basing it on looks. You get those butterflies in your belly and everything they describe in the movies. However, our King of Prussia matchmakers know that type of love isn’t really love, and it doesn’t usually last long. Somehow that person you thought was perfect ends up being the worst partner you’ve ever had.

Our King of Prussia matchmakers know that as the years go by, you change what you’re looking for in a partner and want different things from a man. You certainly have your eyes open for Mr. Right, but you might be so focused on finding him, that you’re neglecting to see Mr. Wrong.

If you’re embarking in the Philadelphia dating scene and don’t want to end up with Mr. Wrong, let our dating experts teach you how to spot him.

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1. You’re always questioning if he is the one.

This might not be the #1 sign that he isn’t the one, but your gut feeling is there for a reason. If you are always questioning if he is the one, then chances are he might not be. Your gut feeling might be cautioning you because it can sense there is something happening. Listen to it, as it might be right, and the man you’re dating could be Mr. Wrong.

2. He doesn’t get you.

Of course a man cannot fully understand a woman, but he should try his hardest. Feeling understood by a partner is an important part in a healthy relationship. He should understand you, and if he doesn’t, he should try his hardest. If not, what is the point? The relationship will always be one-sided.

3. You can’t open up to him.

Does he always criticize you when you voice your opinion? Does he belittle your thoughts? Then it’s clear he’s not the one. If you’re hesitant to open yourself up to him, then it’s because he’s Mr. Wrong. Our King of Prussia matchmakers know that when you find Mr. Right, you will have no problem opening yourself up to him. You will share anything under the sun without fearing being judged.

4. You don’t feel safe with him.

Whether it’s emotionally or physically, you should never feel threatened by the man you’re dating. This is a huge red flag that he is Mr. Wrong. Now, this isn’t referring to just physical abuse, it’s more than that. We’re referring to him not having your back when you need it. If a man can’t support you during difficult times, then it’s clear he’s Mr. Wrong.

5. He belittles your feelings.

You’re a woman and you might overreact once in a while, especially if something hits home. But the man you’re dating should never dismiss your feelings or make you feel inadequate. Dismissing your feelings is a sign he doesn’t care about you. You should be with a man who respects your feelings and understands you. If not, again, what is the point?

6. The small things are not important to him.

We all love in different ways. Everyone speaks a different love language. This means that every person loves differently. If your partner really cared and loved you, he would recognize the little things you do for him. If he is unappreciative, it’s because he’s taking you for granted. You will always struggle to receive affection from him because he simply doesn’t give it.

7. You don’t go to him for comfort.

At the end of a long day when you want to come home and air out your feelings, you don’t turn to him. He is not the person you seek for comfort, far from it. If this is the way you feel in your relationship, then it’s clear he’s not the one. You deserve to have a partner who is understanding, someone who listens to what you have to say and tries to make you feel better.

8. You don’t feel it with him.

If you don’t feel it with him, then it’s clear he’s not the one. This is more than the voice inside telling you he’s not the one—you feel something is off.

9. Your goals don’t align.

Many times people get into relationships with different goals in life. This type of relationship doesn’t usually last very long. Are his goals different than yours? It is possible to make a relationship work, but that depends on the goals that don’t align. If he wants to travel the world while you want to work up the career ladder, then the relationship will not work.

10. You don’t see a future with him.

The goal of dating is to be in a long-term relationship. If you don’t see this happening with him, then chances are he’s not the one for you. If you can’t visualize him in your future, then he is Mr. Wrong.

Ladies, if you notice any of these signs from our King of Prussia matchmakers, cut your losses early, regardless of how painful it might be. There is no room for Mr. Wrong in your life. You deserve the right partner, but you’ll never be able to find him if you continue dating Mr. Wrong.

Are you ready to meet Mr. Right? Let our King of Prussia matchmakers introduce you to quality men in Philadelphia who are relationship-minded and compatible with you. Forget the guesswork of dating and let our expert matchmakers do the matching for you. Fill out the private questionnaire at the top of the page to request your FREE matchmaking consultation and get started right away!

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