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Do you feel like you can walk around your home wearing a sexy little dress and still get no attention from your husband? Have you been feeling ignored and underappreciated lately? If you’ve been feeling ignored in your marriage, then it’s time to do something about it. Thankfully for you, our King of Prussia matchmakers can help you fix this problem and recreate the happy and healthy relationship you once had.

Your husband is more than your partner. He is supposed to be your lover, your protector, and your best friend. Feeling ignored can certainly hurt because he is supposed to pay attention to you, care for you and love you.

My Husband Has Started Ignoring Me – The Most Common Problems

Our King of Prussia matchmakers will take a closer look at the most common problems faced in marriages today, along with the dos and don’ts for getting his attention.

king of prussia matchmakers

king of prussia matchmakers

The Problem: He would rather spend time with his friends. Does it feel like your husband ignores you all the time and prefers spending time with his friends instead? Would he rather hang out with his buddies than go on dates with you? You used to feel like you were the center of his world, but since the two of you got married, it feels like you’re on the backburner. Now he would rather hang out with the guys instead of cuddle with you for movie night on the sofa.

The Logic: Give your husband the benefit of the doubt on this one. The longer you’re married, the more likely you’ll take each other for granted. Since the two of you have been together for a while now, he might just want to see other people, like his friends. This doesn’t mean he loves you any less.

The Solution: This is a normal part of any marriage, especially a long term one. The solution to this problem is simple. Simply tell your husband that you want to continue dating each other, no matter how long you’ve been married. Tell him this means bringing back date night, at least once a week or every two weeks. If you want to spend time with your husband, you can do it by paying attention to his hobbies and incorporating them into date night. If your husband likes getting drinks and eating wings, suggest doing that together the next time you go out. If you allow him to do some of the things he would normally do with his friends while he’s with you, he’ll enjoy your time together more.

The Problem: He doesn’t text you like he once did. At the beginning of your relationship, your husband blew your phone up with messages. He probably took any chance he had at work to send you messages, even when he wasn’t allowed or didn’t have time. Little smiley faces and sweet messages came in all day long and put a sweet smile on your face.

The Logic: Now that you’re married, you see each other on a daily basis and real life takes over. This will make it harder for him to talk to you via text since the two of you already see each other on a daily basis.

The Solution: Tell your husband that you miss receiving those lovey dovey messages. Encourage him to text you once in a while or even call you throughout the day. Even if you don’t have anything new to talk about, tell him that a smiley face will make your day. You can tag him in a funny video, send him an e-card, or shoot him a message when you’re thinking about him and encourage him to do the same.

The Problem: You don’t talk like you used to. One of the biggest problems in marriages is when two partners stop communicating. When you stop sharing with your partner, resentment begins, which our King of Prussia matchmakers know will cause the marriage to fail.

The Logic: A decrease in communication can come from many different things. Boredom, resentment, work stress, family issues, or even an affair—it could be anything.

The Solution: You are going to have to talk to your husband face to face on this one. Sit him down and calmly talk to him about why you no longer talk like you used to. Find out why it feels like you’re pulling teeth when you try talking to him. If your partner is not comfortable sharing why he disconnected from you, then try getting him to agree to couple’s counseling.

The Problem: He doesn’t pay attention to your problems. Has your husband been ignoring you and your problems lately? If so, this can cause a huge strain in your marriage. It could be that he is lovey and attentive to other aspects of the marriage; however, when it comes to your personal problems or family issues, he doesn’t seem to care.

The Logic: Men can be very selfish. He might not even know what he is doing here. Did you know that men are natural fixers? This means they’re always trying to come up with a solution to every problem, so if he cannot fix your problems, he might be feel frustrated and tune you out.

The Solution: If you feel like your problem can be fixed, simply tell your husband and he will help you fix it. Men think of themselves as Superman and always want to help, as long as they can. We’re sure if you have a solution, he’ll be glad to help you solve it.

If you believe that he is ignoring you for a different reason, then you need to talk to him about it and find out why he is ignoring you. If all else fails, our King of Prussia matchmakers encourage you to seek professional counseling to save your marriage.

It can be frustrating to be ignored by the person you love the most. But don’t give up, your marriage is worth saving. All it takes is a little efforts, patience, and kindness and your marriage will be back to the way it once was.

If you still haven’t found the one, contact our King of Prussia matchmakers and let us introduce you to marriage-minded singles in Philadelphia—let us help you find your Mr. Right!

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