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No matter how much you want to be with this new man, if he’s only rebounding with you, then things are never going to end well, especially for you. Today, our experienced King of Prussia matchmakers have composed a list of six signs you need to keep an eye for. If you notice these signs, we advise you to run in the opposite direction before you get hurt.

What Makes You a Rebound Woman?

If there is one thing you need to know about rebound relationships, it’s that they’re never successful. Just as the name suggests this type of relationship is only meant to get people on their feet. Once this happens, the new partner becomes unnecessary, and they move on.

Sadly, in many cases, women end up prey to rebound relationships because they don’t realize their man is only rebounding. So how can you tell that you are in a rebound relationship?

Signs that suggest you are in a rebound relationship. If you notice these signs, get out as soon as possible.
Being in a rebound relationship isn’t fulfilling, no matter how great you think it is right now. Wanting to save you from heartache, our King of Prussia matchmakers have compiled a list of warning signs you need to be on the lookout for so you can put an end to the relationship before you get hurt.

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1. The Relationship Started Too Quickly

You can rest assured you’re in a rebound relationship if the man you’re dating started seeing you right after he broke up with his ex. It is normal, essential, for people to need some time to heal their hearts before they embark on the dating scene again.

If he has skipped that very important step, you can rest assured your relationship is only a rebound. Another sign is that you might be skipping some very important steps. For example, you might be acting like you are an old couple rather than doing things new couples do. If that’s the case, he is still looking for comfort in his old relationship because he isn’t ready to move on.

2. You Have Been Friends for a Very Long Time

You might have been friends with this man for a very long time; however, he never showed any romantic interest in you. If all the sudden you find out he’s single and is asking you out, you should take that as a sign of a rebound relationship.

Is it too soon for him to start dating someone new? … Especially if that someone is you? He already knows who you are and it won’t be difficult for him to start a relationship. If he still wants you and pursues you after he is over the healing process, then go ahead, but don’t go for him a second sooner.

3. He Is Very Bitter

Many men refuse to admit that a woman has hurt them and they try to keep their act together by putting on a brave face. However, he might have some moments of weakness and reveal his bitterness to you.

Our King of Prussia matchmakers want you to know that a clear sign of a rebound relationship is when a man displays bitterness. If he says things like “All women are tramps,” or, “They’re all after men for money” and is making general gender comments, you can rest assured that he’s still referring to his ex. This is a clue for you to leave him right away and never look back. It’s clear this man is only after a rebound relationship.

4. He Is Always Talking about Her

Let’s face it, no woman ever wants to hear the man she’s dating talk about his ex. However, if the breakup has recently happened, he’s likely still talking about her and not anyone else from his past. Breaking up makes people angry; therefore, bitter comments or even talking about the ex are bound to come out.

If he says things like “My ex used to wear her hair the same way you do,” or, “My ex did that too,” then he is reminiscing about his ex. That right there is a clear sign you’re in a rebound relationship. He hasn’t gotten over her yet. The relationship you’re in right now simply isn’t worth it.

5. His Ex Is Still a Part of His Life

In case you’re wondering whether or not you’re in a rebound relationship, there are a lot of signs that might be hard to miss. For instance, he might be keeping his ex as one of his friends and there is a high probability they’re still communicating with each other via messages.

This is a sign that he doesn’t want to let go of her. He might be friends with her on Facebook, have pictures of her throughout the house, or he might even wear things she has given him as presents. It might be possible that he has no clue that what he’s doing is inappropriate; however, if you take notice that his ex is still a very important part of his life, then right now, there is no place for you in this relationship.

6. His Friends Have No Clue Who You Are

If the two of you have common friends, you might hear them say things like, “You’re dating him? That quickly?” If so, this is a sure sign the two of you are in a rebound relationship. This should make you ask yourself what you’re doing.

His friends likely know him better than you do, and if they think the two of you are dating too soon, then they are probably right. Or maybe they won’t come out and say it to your face, but you can tell they’re thinking it from their expressions and their eyes. You should not get mad at them. Remember that it’s not their fault their friend is dating you too quickly. As a matter of fact, you should be thankful for this sign so you can get out of this relationship right away.

If you’re looking to meet relationship-ready men in Philly, contact our King of Prussia matchmakers today to set up a matchmaking consultation. We’ll only introduce you to men who are stable and ready for a serious and committed relationship.

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