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Breakups are difficult.

Breakups hurt.

People come and go and leave footprints in our hearts. Those memories left can last a lifetime, but the one who was meant to be with you forever ends up becoming a stranger and you’re left feeling lost and alone.

How does one move on from a failed relationship? Truth be told, the process is not easy. Moving on from a failed relationship can be a challenge. You can cry as much as you want, you can curse all day long, or lock yourself away, but the truth is, it will take time, no matter what you do.

No one said that getting closure after a breakup is easy, but our King of Prussia matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service will teach you the top tips to get closure so you can finally put it behind you and move on.

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King of Prussia Matchmakers – Tips to Get Closure after a Failed Relationship

Moving on from a failed relationship is not easy, but we know you can do it. Today, our King of Prussia matchmakers will show you the way to peace after a heartbreak. We’ll teach you how to be happy once again.

1. Allow Yourself Time to Grieve

Allow yourself enough time to mourn your failed relationship. It’s okay to be sad so do not suppress those feelings. Take time to grieve over your failed relationship, but don’t let sadness consume you or prevent you from doing everyday things. You must remember that life will go on no matter what, even if your relationship didn’t.

2. Know That Things Can’t Be Undone

Accepting your failed relationship is one of the hardest parts, but it’s the most important one. You need to be aware of your current situation so that you can become aware of your previous relationship.

3. Make Peace with Yourself

You might start pointing your finger at yourself for the mistakes you made in the past, but we want you to remember that we’re all humans. Don’t go down the road of self-blame because it’s a bad path to take. Take all the lessons you learned from your relationship and use them to improve yourself.

4. Be Fair to Yourself and to Others

Now that you’re single, you might find yourself jumping at the first person who comes your way. Everyone heals at their own pace, but our King of Prussia matchmakers recommend you take yourself out of the dating scene until you are fully healed and ready to accept love again.

While some people don’t get back into dating until several months, others jump back right away. While it might feel good to start dating right away, it’s not fair, not for you or the other person.

When dating someone right away, you are using them as a Band-Aid to cover up the damage from your previous relationship. You need to be fair to yourself and to others.

5. Never Think the Relationship Was a Waste of Time

As you start your healing process, you might find yourself thinking that your previous relationship was a complete waste of time; however, we want you to know it wasn’t. Every moment you spent with your partner was a precious time where you learned valuable lessons. Every experience has shaped you into the person you are today.

6. Let Go of Reminders of the Past

Sometimes it’s necessary to let go of things that remind us of the past. Throw away the letters, pictures, and gifts so you are not tempted to revisit the memories. You should never use those mementos to give yourself false hope about going back on those times.

7. Reconnect with the Previous Version of Yourself

We tend to lose a bit of ourselves when we enter a relationship. You gave up the things you loved to do so you could be with your ex. But now that they are gone, it’s the perfect time to reconnect with the person you used to be. Get in touch with yourself and all the things you used to enjoy doing.

8. Focus on the Now

When you don’t let go of the past, you are only holding yourself back. We encourage you to live in the moment, despite what you have gone through. The past is in your rearview mirror and it’s time to let go. Seize the moment and enjoy what you have today.

9. Don’t Seek Revenge

You might feel tempted to stalk your ex on social media or even give them a few of your thoughts. While this might be tempting, it is never healthy. Revenge eats away at your happiness and steals your focus.

If possible, we encourage you to remove them from social media and delete all their numbers and contact information. Remember that in the revenge game, there are no winners. It is a juvenile thing to do, which will do more harm in the end.

10. Do Not Keep a Relationship with Your Ex

While you might be tempted to go back to the past because things feel so familiar, our King of Prussia matchmakers advise you against it because it’s risky. Once you keep a friendship or sexual relationship with your ex, it will prevent you from moving on and healing yourself.

Trying to remain friends with your ex will make the moving on process more difficult than if you would just cease all contact.

Moving on from a failed relationship is a scary process, but with our helpful advice, we know you can do it. Breakups tear you away from familiarity and make you worry about what is coming in the future. Remember this: We know you’ll find love again, and if you ever need a helpful hand dating in Philly, don’t shy away from contacting one of our expert matchmakers. With over two decades in the matchmaking industry, we’re confident we can give you the guidance and dating support you need to find love again.










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