King of Prussia Matchmakers 5 Reveal Signs You’re Not in Love

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Love isn’t in the cards for some couples even if they’ve been together for a long time. And unfortunately, it’s possible to fall out of love even if you once had it.

Today, our King of Prussia matchmakers are going to show you the signs you’ve lost the love you once had for your partner.

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1. When you tell them that you love them, it feels forced.

It might feel like an afterthought when you say it, and it doesn’t hold much meaning. Maybe you only say those words because your partner says them to you first, or you only say it because you’ve been dating them for a while and you feel obligated to say it every time you hang up the phone. If those three words aren’t convincing, you’ve lost the love for your partner.

2. You haven’t deleted Tinder.

If you’re still hesitating to delete Tinder and you make excuses for keeping your account open, you’re most likely not picturing a future with your partner because you still need to use Tinder as a backup. If you’re really in love with someone and you feel deep down that it’s going to last, you’d have no problem hitting the delete button on those dating apps. It’s a sign that you don’t care as much as you think you do.

3. You don’t think much about them.

There should be something that reminds you of your partner or something that comes up that you want to tell them when you see each other later on in the day. If you’re in love, you also bring the person up in conversation. We all lead busy lives, but if your significant other doesn’t cross your mind at least briefly during the day, you’re probably not really in love with them.

4. When you picture the future, they’re not in it.

You might be really focused on your career, and maybe it’s going to lead you somewhere else. If it doesn’t really matter to you whether your partner follows you or not, you might not be really in love with them. If you envision starting a family but you don’t really care or want it to be with them, you’re definitely not in love. When you’re in love, your partner is a part of your future planning in one way or another.

5. You don’t care to talk about your problems with them.

If you try to avoid conflict at all costs because you don’t want to start an argument, it shows you don’t care enough to fix the issues at hand. Loving couples usually want to work through problems so they can be happy and grow together. Being able to do that is essential for a healthy relationship, and if it’s not worth it to you, then you’re not really in love with your partner.

There are many ways to know if you’re really in love with your partner. If you notice these five signs in your attitude and behavior towards your partner and relationship, then it’s time you reevaluate things. There’s no point in staying with a partner if you’re not truly in love.

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