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So the big question here is, is the guy you’re dating a real man or a boy? Obviously, this topic has been passed around the internet a lot, so to keep things fun and interesting, we’re going to cover the behaviors and qualities that make a guy a boy.

You’re a mature woman who has her life together, and you consider yourself to be a mature and responsible individual. So of course you don’t want to end up in a relationship with an immature man who doesn’t know how to treat a woman right. But as Gladwyne matchmakers with nearly 30 years of experience in the Philadelphia dating scene, we know love and relationships are very complicated.

Perhaps you really like him and don’t want to hurt his feelings, maybe you’re attached to him and don’t know how to end it, or perhaps you’ve put up with his behavior for way too long.

To help you figure out whether or not he is a boy, our Gladwyne matchmakers will break down the telltale qualities of a manchild.

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1. He Plays Games with You

This one, ladies, is a big no-no. Boys play games, while men never do. A man knows what he wants while a boy has no idea. If he continues to play games with you, confuses you, or does things that contradict his words, then it’s time to tell him where to go. If he seems flaky and is hot one minute and cold the next, then you’re definitely dating a boy.

A boy will always play dating games because that’s all he knows how to do. A boy seems to believe that the person who cares the least in the relationship holds the most power, but we all know that’s not the case.

2. He Makes You Feel Insecure

It’s safe to say that boys are inconsiderate. He does things and makes comments to tear you down. Perhaps he likes to flirt with one of your attract friends a lot or makes backhanded compliments that destroy your confidence.

A man is much more considerate than this. He will never do things to irritate you or say things to put you down. Because he cares about you, he will never hurt your self-worth but rather bring you up and make you feel secure.

3. He’s Distracted by Little Things

A true man works hard for his long-term goals, while a boy is distracted by little things. Boys go out to the bar every weekend and get drunk as though they were in college, play video games, and waste their time in general. Men, on the other hand, work hard to achieve their goals. Real men don’t have time to sit on the sofa all afternoon because they are working on their long-term goals.

If you’re always picking up after your man, watching him lay on the sofa all day long, or are concerned about his long-term goals, then it’s likely you’re dating a boy, not a man. If your man is the type of person who inspires you because of his drive and ambition, then you’re dating a mature man.

4. He Doesn’t Know How to Communicate

Does your man communicate with you? We know that men are not as good at communicating as women, but they should at least try. Real men have no problem speaking about their feelings and emotions, whereas boys have no idea how to express them. Boys don’t even understand their own emotions, let alone how to communicate them.

True men know the importance of open and honest communication in the relationship and know that is what makes a relationship grow. If conversation with your man feels refreshing, then you’re dating a true man. But if it feels like you’re talking to a kid, then you’re dating a boy.

5. He Always Tries to Win the Arguments

Is your boyfriend stubborn? Does he always have to win every argument? If so, he has a huge ego that he’ll do whatever it takes to protect, even if it means putting you down. A man understands that he might not be right all the time, but he’ll try to find common ground and mutual understanding.

Arguments happen all the time in relationships, but it’s how you handle them that matters the most. If your boyfriend acts like a child every time you fight, then you’re dating a boy, not a man.

6. He’s Intimidated by Your Success

A real man will support you and push you in the direction of your goals and dreams, while a boy will be intimidated by your accomplishments. The big difference here is that real men are secure in themselves and want their partners to achieve success in life, while boys aren’t happy with their lives and where they’re heading and tend to tear their partners down.

The old adage is true here: happy people are happy for others, and that’s not the case for your boyfriend. He doesn’t want you to become a successful woman because he is not successful in his own life.

7. He Avoids Conflicts

Boys are terrified of conflict, particularly the emotional kind. A boy will do whatever it takes to avoid an argument or talk about his feelings. A true man, on the other hand, isn’t afraid to argue or express his emotions because he knows conversations will allow you to grow closer with one another.

A man knows that he might not agree with you and everything you do, but he knows how to talk things out. You could say that boys have a tendency to run like cowards when an argument arises, which can often lead to cheating—emotional cheating and becoming distant in the relationship.

Are you tired of dating boys? Are you sick of this manchild who brings you down? Don’t worry, you don’t have to date boys anymore. Our Gladwyne matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service can introduce you to real men who are looking for a meaningful relationship.

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