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You’ve been strolling through the Philadelphia dating scene looking for a suitable partner.  But for some reason or another, every relationship you enter only lasts a few weeks.  But you just met someone new and are trying to figure out where you stand.  He seems great and has a lot of potential.  Everything seems to be going well.  But when you mention getting serious, things take a different turn.  All of the sudden, everything that was going so great disappeared… He seems different now.  He is giving you the cold shoulder and it’s not going unnoticed by you.  What do you think is happening here?  Do you think he’s lost his interest in you?  Did you scare him away?  Is he is a commitment-phobe?

Today, Gladwyne matchmakers from Philadelphia Singles will show you the signs he’s afraid of commitment.  You want to look for these cues early on to save yourself the time and energy of dating someone who will never commit to you.

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1. He doesn’t introduce you to his friends.

The two of you have been dating for some time now, maybe a month or two.  But you have never met his friends.  In fact, he’s never once even talked about them.  He doesn’t suggest getting together in a group, nor does he introduce if you run into them while you’re out together.  After many years in the dating industry, our Gladwyne matchmakers know that when a man doesn’t introduce you to his friends, it means he doesn’t plan on being with you in the future. 

Keep your eyes open if he doesn’t introduce you to friends or family and has no intentions of doing so.  If a man is serious about you, he will have no problem introducing you to those who are close to him; after all, he’ll want to show you off.  If you ran into his friends and he never introduced you as his girlfriend when you clearly are, then it’s obvious he is hiding something or doesn’t plan on being with you in the long term. 

2. He stands you up for dates.

If he says he’ll meet you for lunch but cancels or doesn’t show up, he obviously doesn’t care.  The worst thing about this guy is that he’s never apologetic and always turns it around on you.  Keep your eyes open for movie dates at home too, because if that’s the only date idea he brings up, it’s because he knows it leads to sex.  After sex, does he always leave?  If so, you have your answer. 

3. He doesn’t make plans for the future. 

The two of you have been together for some time now.  But when you mention planning a trip a few weeks from now, even if it’s just a weekend in Atlantic City, he shies away and starts acting weird.  Things get worse when you mention getting serious or try talking about the future together.  If he can’t even commit to weekend plans with you, then you are dating a commitment-phobe.  If he is running away from the idea of a little weekend getaway together, this guy obviously has commitment issues and you need to stop wasting your time dating him. 

4. He makes you feel like you’re needy.

When you ask him to spend more time together, he acts as though you’re too needy and says you never give him enough space.  Beware, our Gladwyne matchmakers know this is a common tactic commitment-phobes use.  Another thing he’ll say is that he likes the way the relationship is right now and doesn’t want to ruin it by putting a label or getting more serious.  Commitment-phobic men are so good at their game, they might even make you question your own sanity. 

5. He gives you fake compliments.

When the two of you are alone at home, he gives you every compliment in the book.  You are the prettiest, smartest, and funniest woman he’s ever met.  But when you go out together, he doesn’t even value your existence.  If he can’t give you recognition in public, he’s not the man for you.  You deserve a guy who will love you and cherish you, not make you feel beneath him.  

6. You’re always trying to please him.

There will come a time where a commitment-phobe will not try anymore.  But since you are so caught up with him, you’ll do whatever it takes to please him.  Stop fooling yourself, because commitment-phobes will never change.  No amount of dinner dates, sex, or anything else will ever make him change his ways.  It is clearly something he needs to work on himself so stop wasting your time.

7. He doesn’t make an intimate connection.

Some men out there are very afraid of getting close to a woman, which means they don’t reveal too much about their lives.  While you tell him everything about your life, a commitment-phobic man will not share things about his life with you.  He is afraid of expressing himself because it makes him look weak and vulnerable.  Trying to force him to make a connection will make him pull even further away from you.

8. He doesn’t make any effort.

Dating him is like walking on eggshells.  You have to do everything right or he gets angry.  A man with commitment issues will not put any effort into the relationship because he doesn’t want it to go to the next level.  He’s happy with the way things are and doesn’t want to get serious with you.

9. He has a bad relationship history.

One of the top signs you’re dating a commitment-phobe is his relationship history.  Did all his relationships only last a short period of time?  If so, he’s a commitment-phobe.  If his longest relationship was only a month or two, then you have your answer.

10. He doesn’t say the “L” word.

Men with commitment issues have a hard time expressing their feelings; some can’t because they’ve been hurt in the past and others because they don’t have feelings.  A man with commitment issues will never tell you he loves you.  He will avoid talking about the status of the relationship or being exclusive.  He doesn’t like labels. 

If you’re not meeting the right guys on your own, contact our Gladwyne matchmakers and let us introduce you to relationship-ready men in Philadelphia.  Toss this guy to the curb and let us help you find the loving partner you deserve!


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