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It’s super fun and exciting to get asked out on a first date after a long dry spell of being single and lonely. But as Exton matchmakers with over 30 years in the Philadelphia dating industry, we know it’s important not to let loneliness cloud your judgement here.

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It’s perfectly fine to set a standard when it comes to acceptable first date ideas, and if he suggests any of the following date ideas, you need to say NO. Take it from us, you’ll be glad you didn’t agree.

1. Netflix and chill at home.

Umm, let’s not even go there, ladies. Seriously, is it 2016, or what’s going on here? How is this even a real date idea? There’s absolutely no reason for your official first date to take place at his place. If you meet a guy and he wants you to come over to his place for the first date, you need to tell him to get lost. Don’t ever let a guy think that’s the type of woman you are.

2. A movie at the theater.

While this one isn’t outwardly repulsive like the “Netflix and chill at home” date, you need to pass on this first date idea, nonetheless. Sure, couples go to the movies all the time, but that’s because they’ve gone through the whole getting to know each stage.

When you first meet someone, you need to go out on real dates. You can’t get to know someone while you’re watching a movie. Take it from our Exton matchmakers, it’s just not the most appropriate setting to have a face-to-face conversation. If a guy asks to take you to the movies for your first date, you need to suggest a better date idea. Save the movie idea for the second or third date.

3. Going to a family reunion with him.

Yikes! No, really – this is way too much too soon. While it may initially seem like your guy wants to take things seriously, it’s actually a little weird. If you’re never gone on a real date with him, why would you ever want to meet his family? There’s no doubt that meeting your guy’s family is important, but a first date is not the time.

4. Being his plus one to a work party.

Nope, doesn’t even sound fun. Just like meeting his family, this is a no-no of a first date. If you’ve never met him and haven’t gone on a real date, why would you go to a work party with him? So many things could go wrong here. Beyond the pressure of a first date, you now have the added pressure of impressing everyone.

5. Going out of town for the weekend.

Your first date shouldn’t be more than a few miles away from your house. There’s an exception if you two live in different cities and you’re meeting at a neutral place but traveling together and sharing a hotel room for the first time is a big deal – a deal that shouldn’t be in the cards. Why would you do this with someone you don’t even know yet? This is a disaster waiting to happen.

6. Going to a concert.

Who doesn’t love music? Concerts are a great place for couples but not first dates. If you’re anything like most people, you should want to talk and get to know each other during your first outing, and you can’t really do that while loud music is playing in the background. Save the concert dates for later down the road.

Ladies, if you want to have a good first date, please avoid these six date ideas. While they might sound out of the box and fun, they’re only an invitation for disaster.

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