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There is no denying that balancing dating and home life can be difficult for anyone. Raising a son or daughter by oneself can bring many challenges to everyday life.

We all have busy lives, but adding children brings on a different set of challenges. Children have schoolwork, dance lessons, soccer practice, piano classes, laundry, lunches to pack, and of course they need to eat healthy, get plenty of rest, and everything in between. When a single mother wants to venture out in the dating world, her children are still her number one priority.

We all know that children are the most important thing in a mother’s life, but of course, her life matters too. There must be the right balance between a mother’s happiness and her desire to keep her children happy and healthy. Our matchmakers at the top dating service in Philadelphia know it’s possible for single mothers to find the right balance, although, it does take a little more effort. If you’re a single mother serious about dating and finding love, follow this helpful advice from our expert matchmakers at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service.

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1. Let Go of the Guilt

There is no need to feel guilty about trying to find love. You deserve love too! You give your children love without hesitation, and it’s up to you to allow yourself to welcome love into your life. If you are anything like most single mothers, you will feel guilty because you won’t be spending time with your children because you’ll be out looking for dates. You’ll also feel guilty when people tell you that you should be at home with your children instead of spending the night out with a new guy. Our matchmakers didn’t make it to be the top dating service in Philadelphia for no reason. We made it because we helped thousands of singles find love. We encourage you to let go of those negative thoughts because you do deserve to find love, just like everyone else.

Giving yourself the right to find love doesn’t make you a bad mother; quite the opposite. It will show your children a valuable lesson. The person you should love the most is yourself, only then can you love someone else, and that includes your children. While you’re at it, indulge in getting new things for yourself as well. Go ahead and pick out a new dress, get a new haircut, or splurge on a spa treatment.

2. Do Not Introduce Your Dates to Your Children

Let’s face it, you might have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your Prince Charming. And this means not every person you date should be introduced to your children. When you venture out into the dating world, get to know them first before you ever make an introduction. The two of you should be dating for a while so you know you are serious about him and he’s serious about you.

3. Timing Is Everything, So Plan It Right

When you’re planning an upcoming date, think of something your children can do while you’re away. Have them visit their favorite uncle or go to their grandmother’s house. You can even ask your single friends if they want to plan a date night for themselves, offering to trade babysitting nights with each other’s children.

Try this for example: you have the kids on a Saturday night or weekend so your friend can go out on a date, then the upcoming weekend, it will be your friend’s turn to keep the children. Our matchmakers at the top dating service in Philadelphia know this will allow you both to have guilt-free dates while the children have a blast with their friends. Believe us, you’ll be the last thing on their minds if you plan it out like this!

Planning your dates ahead of time might seem like a hard task, but think of it as planning something for your children. It will allow both of you to enjoy a good time.

4. Communication Is Important

There isn’t anything more important than communication when you’re dating, communication with your children and with your significant other. Of course there are many things you shouldn’t share with your children, but letting them know that mommy is out looking for love is perfectly acceptable. Do not lie to them because children are very smart, and the last thing you want is for them to lose their trust in you.

5. Come Out of Your Comfort Zone

So you love being in your raggedy clothes and spending time at home with your children. It is easy to avoid the dating scene altogether, but what message is that sending to your children? Embrace the woman you are, and remember that you are not just a mother, you are also a woman. Put those mommy clothes away, slip into a sexy dress and come out of your comfort zone.

6. Never Give Up

Okay, you know what they say… You will have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your Prince Charming, and that is no different when dating as a single mother. You are bound to endure dates that are not good, some that you will like but they won’t like you, and vice versa, but that is all just a part of dating. The idea is to keep going and never give up. The goal is to find love, and it will take time to find it.

Our matchmakers here at the top dating service in Philadelphia know there are so many great things that can come out of dating as a single mother. The first, of course, is that you will eventually find your perfect partner, but your children will start appreciating you more as well.

If you’re struggling to find time to date as a single mother, or just need encouragement and support along the way, contact our dating experts here at Philadelphia Singles today. Let us find you quality men who are a good fit for your life. Our matchmakers making dating as a single mother safe, reliable, and enjoyable!


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