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The Philly dating pool is huge so there is a high chance you will run into one of these women on your search for love. Our professional matchmakers from Philadelphia Singles Dating Service will review the top 8 women to avoid so you don’t waste your time and efforts.

When you’re venturing out in the Philadelphia dating pool you’re bound to meet all different types of women, some which you shouldn’t meet at all. At the beginning of the relationship, some of them might appear to be normal, despite their unique quirks, but under those little quirks are more tell-tale signs she might end up being bad for you in the long run.

Are you one of those men who is always getting into relationships with the wrong type of woman? Are you always lured into what at first seems to be perfect only to find out she’s far from it? Are you sick and tired of dating the wrong partners, getting your heart broken, and wasting a lot of time, money, and efforts?
How to Spot Women You Should Not Be in a Relationship With

The list below is a list of the women you should avoid dating at all costs. Keep an eye for them when you are venturing out in the Philadelphia dating pool. Our matchmakers want to save you from unnecessary heartache.

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1. The Gold Digger

Of course there are women out there who would prefer to date a man who earns a lot of money; however, that does not make them a gold digger. It only means they want to be with someone they can feel safe and secure with, someone who is able to support them if something was to happen. However, a true life gold digger is someone who only looks at men of wealth and will pounce at them at the first chance they get. She doesn’t have to be attracted to him, she just wants his wealth. That is all.

Clues that you’re dating a gold digger include very expensive tastes and not caring about anything else besides what you get her, where you take her, and what you can do for her. Conversation usually revolves around how much you make or what possessions you have. Sometimes, she might even hint she needs money so you can help her out.

2. The Drama Queen

You know the type, the women who always say they hate drama yet are the ones who start it all. This is the woman who makes a big deal out of nothing and cry over the smallest things. She might even begin the drama so you can come in and save her. If you love drama, you’re sure to get along, but your relationship is bound to be a complicated one.

3. The Spoiled Princess

She has the tastes of a true life princess, but she is not necessarily a gold digger. She is the women who wants to be treated like the queen and anything less will not work for her. In other words, she is a high maintenance woman who always gets what she wants. She is spoiled and doesn’t even try to hide it. To her, being the princess is her best attribute.

4. The Dependent

Why would she do it herself when she can get you to do? The dependent is someone who is always in need. She can easily turn on the poor me act so she can get you to do whatever it is she wants you to do. The worst part about this is that when you start pulling away, she will tell you that you don’t care for her anymore. It’s a never-ending cycle.

5. The Nagger

She believes she’s giving you constructive criticism when in reality, she is just complaining and nagging you. And these complaints don’t only have to be about the relationship, they can stem from just about anything. All she wants to do is share her negativity with you. When she does become a nagger, it can go on for a long time, the rampage never stops.

6. The Feminist

How dare you give her your coat when it’s chilly outside? How dare you pull out a chair for her? Do you think she’s weak or something? That’s what is going on in her mind. The feminist is like a sergeant in the military, one who relentlessly has to prove she doesn’t need anything from anyone, especially from a man. Anything, even the smallest of remarks about a woman is disrespect to her.

Most of your arguments will come up because of close-mindedness about the female sex. With her, you have to keep an eye on everything you say or your words can be misinterpreted.

7. The Copy Cat

Leave her to her own self and she won’t have much personality going on. In her attempts to get you to be into her, she has actually started mimicking you. Whatever you’re into, she’s into it as well. You might think this is great since the two of you can do everything together, but it’s not. She is copying everything you do and say, but if you ask her for her own opinion, she probably won’t be able to give you an answer.

8. The Controlling One

She’s always breathing down your neck wanting to know what you’re doing and where you’re at. She’s clingy, possessive, and needs to know your every move. You might notice that she wants you to respond to her text messages within seconds and that she never takes no for an answer, especially when it comes to being with you. She gets mad when you’re not in her sights. At first it might have seemed like she was just really into you, but after a while, you notice that she’s this way because she’s afraid you’re going to leave her.

Singles, beware! Stay clear of all the women mentioned above. Now that you know some of the various women who prey on single men, you can now cross them off your list and look for more reliable and stable women to date. If you’re having trouble dating in Philadelphia, contact our dating professionals here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service today. We’ll introduce you to serious and mature women who are genuine about falling in love. Give us a call today and let us help you find a quality woman to fall in love with!

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