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Moving to the big city of Philadelphia can be exciting, especially because you will meet new and interesting people. If you are wondering how to make friends in Philly, our Philadelphia personal matchmakers have some fun things to do that will put you in touch with people you’ll click with.

Whether you have landed a new job or just always wanted to move to Philly, living in this beautiful city is exhilarating. And to add to that, you can use the activities our Philadelphia personal matchmakers are about to suggest to connect with your new community and even meet interesting people to date. If you really want to make the best out of this experience, making new friendships will be crucial. Today, our dating and relationship experts here at Philadelphia Singles will teach you how to create new friendships when you’re new in the city.

Relationships of all kinds are what makes us who we are, and having a strong group of friends can make us feel special, supported, and make the moving experience that much better. Don’t let the big city make you feel isolated. We want you to get out there and make it fun. Don’t put too much pressure on meeting too many people too quickly because, just like dating, it does take time to meet the right type of people.

Try to have a relaxed attitude during the process, don’t have too high of expectations, and remember not to talk about yourself all the time. It’s best to ask people questions about themselves just like you would do on a date.

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1. Learning Seminars

There are plenty of smart and interesting people who attend seminars and you can choose a seminar that catches your interest. Whether it’s arts, culture, money, or environment, you will find many seminars available in the city, and going to these types of events will put you on the path of people who share the same interests as you.
Our expert advice is to choose seminars you actually want to go to. Look at museums, community centers, and universities as there is always something going on.

2. Art Gallery Shows

Art gallery displays will attract a fun and intellectual type of crowd. Most galleries host interesting events for nonprofit organizations or events where you can meet local artists. Pick a nice outfit, be relaxed, and always be yourself. You will have plenty of things to look at and many people to meet.

3. Yoga Studios

Philadelphia has a slew of yoga studios and each with their own style and vibes. Our Philadelphia personal matchmakers recommend you check out different websites to see what each studio has to offer. This is a great way of meeting healthy people who enjoy living a healthy lifestyle. You might find a studio where you want to become a member as well.

You will find that yoga studios hold workshops about cleansing and becoming the best you can be. While your mind will expand, you will also make new friendships with positive people.

4. Festivals

Philadelphia is known for all of its great festivals. Food festivals, wine festivals, seasonal and music festivals, you can visit the city’s website and see when and where they’re holding upcoming festivals.

5. Local Conventions

Conferences and conventions are great places to meet new people in Philadelphia. And there will be a lot of vendors who are eager to chat it up and let you sample fun food. Many conventions will have speakers who can teach you interesting new things about local companies and different types of foods. Conventions allow you to meet a lot of new people, which is why having a business card will come in handy here.

6. Book Organizations

If you’re looking to meet new friends and put good use to your spare time, why not stimulate your brain in the process and go to a book club? Book clubs will help you expand your thinking, and they also attract a lot of interesting people you may really hit it off with. The cool thing about the city of Philly is that you are able to meet an array of people from all over the world. You will be able to meet people who also like what you’re into. We like book clubs because you don’t have to feel awkward, even if you go alone.

7. Community Events

If you like to give back to the community, why not keep busy and volunteer at a community center? Our Philadelphia personal matchmakers recommend this because your local community center will offer a multitude of events and ways for you to get involved. From clothing drives, pet adoptions, classes, and town meetings, you will have tons of stuff to choose from.

8. Networking Events

Business networking events are fun and provide you with a way of meeting new contacts for work, as well as new friendships. If you’re searching for networking events in Philly, believe us that you’ll have your calendar booked. Our Philadelphia personal matchmakers suggest you dress to impress for this one, and don’t forget to bring your business card as well.

9. Community College Classes

By enrolling in a community college class you will improve your education, gain new skills, and meet all kinds of like-minded people. There are plenty of options to choose from, from theatre, woodwork, ceramics, music, internet marketing, and many more.

10. A Local Market

Head out and see what the local organic market has to offer. Not only will you supports your local growers, but you’ll learn a lot about fruits and vegetables as well. This is a great way to meet new friends while you save a lot of money.

11. Sports Clubs

Now that spring is in the air, this is one of our favorites! Our Philadelphia personal matchmakers love this because you can get fit, have fun, and meet new people all at the same time. You can join a local softball league, running club, or anything else you’re into. There are many sports clubs in Philly, and it sure beats staying at home loafing around like a couch potato.

12. Invite Them Out for a Drink

If you have met someone you click with through one of the options our Philadelphia personal matchmakers have provided for you, you can invite them out for happy hour or coffee just to chitchat. If you are having troubles meeting someone on your own, let our expert matchmakers lend you a hand.

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