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Do you have a crush on a certain guy who only treats you like he does all his friends? Let our King of Prussia matchmaking experts here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service teach you how to get yourself out of the friend zone—not all hope is gone!

You have a major thing for one of your male friends. He’s smart, good looking, and fun to be around. You decide tonight is the night you’re going to spill the beans and tell him how you feel about him, but all the sudden, he sits down next to you and burps grotesquely, just like he would with his guys friends.

Let’s face it, you’ve become like his little sister. It’s a horrible place to be, especially when you have romantic feelings for him. The awful truth is, you are in what we like to call the friend zone. And believe us, it doesn’t just happen to men, it happens to women too.

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How to Handle Being in the Friend Zone

So what do you do when you have been friend zoned as one of the members of the crew? Today, our King of Prussia matchmaking experts will review a few helpful tips to get this man to see you as a woman, a romantic interest, not just a friend.

1. Embrace Things

Easier said than done, of course. If you cannot overcome the frustrations of being in the friend zone, then you might as well try to use it to your advantage. Are you just like one of the other guys? If so, you already have all the men coming to you for advice. They talk to you about their issues, family problems, fears, and all sorts of things that go through their minds. Not only is this stuff fascinating to learn, but it also gives you an advantage to what your specific guy is into and how you can help him.

2. Work on Your Smell

Just like you like a man to smell good, men like women who smell good too. If you have reached a point where the only thing you wear around him is your sweaty smell after your jog or workout session together, then it’s no wonder you’ve been friend zoned. You should try splashing on some feminine perfume or something that smells good to get him interested in you.

Remember that men are highly attracted to women who smell good. It’s enticing and stimulates them sexually. Just ask the guy what types of scents he likes and wear those scents around him. This will give him a clue you’re into him and help him see you as more than just a friend.

3. Figure Out Your Outfit

As an empowered woman, you have the option to wear whatever it is you like to wear, even those jeans and T-shirts you’ve been wearing him lately. However, if you really want to appeal to this man, and he has not seen you looking good and girly, you might want to start planning your outfits right. Instead of always wearing your beat up clothes around him, our King of Prussia matchmaking experts recommend you try wearing something sexy and appealing. If you desire him to see you as more than just a friend, then bust out a nice dress or spring skirt, something you normally would not wear around him. We know this is sure to get his attention!

4. Show Him You’re Fun

If you’re looking to change your image and come out of the friend zone, you might want to consider taking this guy to a party or a club so he can see you in action on the dancefloor. Dance slowly and femininely, and don’t be afraid to show him you have rhythm. This is a great way of showing him how feminine and desirable you really are.
While you want to show him you can shake it, you should not be acting like an eighteen year old on the dancefloor. The fact is, both men and women are attracted to sexual movements but only if done right. Remember, you’re a classy woman.

5. Explore the Womanly Side of You

Take the night off from hanging out with him and explore something more womanly. Get your nails painted, have your hair professionally styled, and buy new womanly clothes. If you’re up to, go ahead and get your makeup done. This is all about exploring your feminine side so that you can get in touch with that beautiful woman you are.

6. Make More Female Friends

Just because you get along better with men doesn’t mean that all your friends must be male. Now, it’s time to make female friends. Not only will this give you a break from hanging out with the guys, but our King of Prussia matchmaking experts know female friends can give you some tips and pointers on being girly and alluring. It’s good to have feminine inspiration around.

7. You Might Have to Search Elsewhere

Men are great, but they can also be very stupid. Once a guy has put you in the friend zone, it might be hard for him to take you out. Fortunately for you, our experts know there are other great places to look for eligible men to date. If you want a relationship-minded man, our professional matchmakers can help you on your search. Just give us a call today to get started.

Keep up the fight to get out of the friend zone. With just a little bit of work, the right attitude, and a little sprinkle of charm and femininity, you’ll come out of it in no time. If not, call us today and let our expert matchmakers find the right man for you. We have smart, attractive, fun, and relationship-oriented men waiting to meet you. Take the first step today!

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