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When it comes to dating and relationships, there are many things women find frustrating and don’t understand.  The first one that comes to mind is dealing with a man who can’t keep his eyes off of attractive women.  As his girlfriend, you like to believe that your man only has eyes for you, but what if you keep catching your man checking out other women?  What if he can’t keep his eyes off of them?  Our Bucks County matchmakers know how frustrating and downright annoying this can be, right?  We know you agree.

But as much as you like to call your boyfriend a pig or just lose all respect for him, you need to understand the reasons behind it.  Yes, there are many reasons guys can’t help themselves.  Today, our Bucks County matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service are going to show you why your boyfriend keeps checking out other women.

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king of prussia matchmakers

1. He Just Can’t Help Himself

When you’re walking in the park and see your man check out women as they walk past him, he’ll probably tell you that he just couldn’t help himself.  It doesn’t matter if you believe him or not, it is true.  Basically, it is engraved in the male DNA to check out beautiful women.  Just like women are designed to seek out the stronger males, men are designed to notice the most beautiful females.

His DNA is telling him to find the most attractive woman around and zone in on her.  He has no idea he’s doing this, but he’s doing it and irritating you in the process.

2. She Is Extremely Beautiful

Sure, your boyfriend thinks you’re beautiful; after all, if he didn’t, then he wouldn’t be with you.  However, that doesn’t mean he’s all of the sudden blind because he’s in a relationship with you.  He is allowed to recognize beautiful women as they walk past; after all, attractive people are nice to look at.

It’s easy for men to find joy in admiring a beautiful woman.  It’s just what they do.  Of course, as his girlfriend, you probably wish he could tone it down a little with his wandering eye.  But you can’t expect him to ignore beautiful women, because it isn’t fair.  Ladies, we know you check out attractive men too, so give your boyfriend a little slack.  As long as the looking ends at looking, your man isn’t doing anything wrong.

3. His Testosterone Is Through the Roof

You could say your boyfriend is a pig, but it’s his testosterone that is making him act that way.  Again, that’s just men being the way they are built to be.  Men are very visual creatures, so when they see a beautiful woman, it sends their hormones through the roof.

When he is checking out other women, that’s when his hormones are running wild, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to make a move.  His hormones are telling him too look instinctually.  It is the same thing he did when he first met you, so it doesn’t matter how angry or frustrated you are, remember that he chose you.

4. He Could Be Crossing the Line with His Eyes

This is unfortunate, sure, and you definitely don’t want to believe this is true.  But it happens.  Many men cross the line when checking out beautiful women and wonder what is under the clothes.  If your boyfriend is staring at women for a very long time, this could be the case.  His imagination is taking ahold of him, and he’s undressing her with his eyes.  This is taking it a step further than just simply admiring beauty.

5. He Didn’t Know You Were Looking at Him

He could be checking out women at the mall or as they walk by because he didn’t think you were paying attention.  Men often think they’re being sneaky, and not obvious, but women never miss a thing.  The truth is, if you catch your man checking out other women, then he might have thought your attention was elsewhere.

As his girlfriend, you can only imagine how he behaves when you’re not there.  If he is already checking out other women while you’re there, can you imagine how much ogling he’s doing when you’re not?  It might be time to have a serious talk with him.

6. He Could Be Comparing You to Her

At first, this might sound awful, but you really don’t know how he’s doing it.  He could be checking out other women and thinking to himself how much more beautiful you are than them.  Men have a subconscious habit of always comparing; therefore, if he’s checking out other women, he could be doing that.  Again, our Bucks County matchmakers know this comes from his DNA and genetics telling him that he needs to produce the best offspring.  This is where his competitive nature kicks in.

7. He’s Debating If He Could Get Her

A lot of men check out other women for an ego boost.  They need it, even when they’re in a relationship, which leads them to do stupid things, such as flirt with other women.  He could be checking out beautiful women to see if he could get them.  Basically, he’s debating whether or not she would give him a chance.  This isn’t to say that he’d try his luck with her, but it’s an ego thing.

Are you sick and tired of having a boyfriend who can’t stop looking at beautiful women?  Do you want to meet a man who only has eyes for you?  If so, contact our Bucks County matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service so we can introduce you to quality men in Bucks County.  If you’re ready to get started, simply fill out the private form at the top of the page today to reserve your FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation.


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