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No one likes to be treated with disrespect, especially not by their partner.  If you’re a guy who doesn’t know how to treat a woman right, you’re at the right place.  Today, the best dating service in Philadelphia is going to teach you simple and effective tips to truly treat a woman right and make her feel like a queen.

Very few women will put up with being treated with disrespect by a man, and even if she has patience, you don’t want to cross over that tipping point and destroy your relationship.  Your girlfriend will give you a few chances to correct your mistakes, giving you the benefit of the doubt.  But be careful, you don’t want to mistake her kindness for weakness and lose a great relationship.

No woman wants to be in a relationship with a man who doesn’t treat her right.  Treating her right is a reflection of how you feel for her; the love you have and how much you care for her.  If you want to better your relationship, you need to learn to treat her properly, which is exactly what you’ll learn with the expert advice from our matchmakers here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service.

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How to Treat Her Right & Nurture Your Relationship

If you want your relationship to be successful, then you have to treat your woman with respect.  You need to love her, cherish her, and value her presence.  Although things might not come easily for you, you must learn and incorporate these simply tips it into your everyday life.  If you really want to make her happy, you’ll use the following tips and treat her right to ensure a long-lasting and loving relationship.

1. Always Be Honest

Honesty is one of the most important elements to a relationship.  If you want your girlfriend to stick around long-term, you need to be honest with her about everything.  Lying, even if it’s about something small, will break the trust you have with her, which you never want to happen in your relationship.  Lying shows that you don’t care about her feelings and don’t respect her.  You must be honest with her about everything in your life.  Whether it’s your feelings, expectations, or whereabouts, she’ll appreciate it and do the same with you.

2. Listen to Her

Listening to your girlfriend means caring about what she says.  Don’t just sit there and nod your head when she’s talking to you.  You have to actually listen to what she says and respond accordingly.  She wants you to genuinely pay attention, especially when she is talking about her feelings or other important things in her life.

3. Trust Her

Do you trust your girlfriend with all your heart?  If not, you must start working on the trust in your relationship.  Trust isn’t just about saying you trust her but actually showing her that you do.  Trust will make your girlfriend stay for the long haul.  Show your girlfriend that you trust her by confiding in her and making yourself vulnerable.  Don’t just show her that you trust her to be truthful and faithful with you and in the relationship, but really let her know you trust her with your heart.

4. Never Hide Anything from Her

As the best dating service in Philadelphia, we know that you’re both your own individuals with your own thoughts and feelings.  But you should never keep secrets from your girlfriend.  Of course there are a few things that you may want to keep private, but keeping things from her can affect your relationship.  You don’t want to hide anything from the person you love the most, especially if it’s something important that can affect the both of you.

5. Show Your Appreciation for Her

If you really want to treat her right, you need to start showing your appreciation for her and everything she does for the relationship.  Do you notice the little things she does for you?  Although you might think that she knows how you feel, she doesn’t really know it unless you say it.  You can’t fall victim to complacency and laziness in your relationship.  You can’t take your girlfriend for granted.  On the contrary, you need to show her that she is unlike any other woman out there.

6. Learn to Communicate with Her

Communication is another key element in your relationship.  If the communication between you and your girlfriend is weak, your relationship could quickly come crumbling down.  Whatever is happening in your relationship, make sure you always voice your concerns and feelings.  Keep the channels of communication open at all times.

7. Clean Up After Yourself

Your girlfriend did not sign up to be a babysitter to a grown man.  We know not every man is guilty of this one, but if you’re not already cleaning up after yourself, it’s time you start.  No woman wants to date a slob, so be sure to start taking responsibility for your own things and clean up after yourself, especially if you live together.

8. Respect Her as a Person

Respect is crucial for a relationship to be happy and healthy.  You need to respect your girlfriend in every aspect of her life.  You need to respect her work, her friends, her family, and her choices.  But most importantly, you should never get in the way of any of them.

9. Support Her

Supporting your girlfriend means being by her side whenever she needs you the most.  Whether it’s cheering her on for an upcoming job promotion or attending a family member’s funeral, you need to be there for her through everything in life.  You need to support her aspirations, dreams, and goals, no matter how big or small they are.

10. Show Her Your Vulnerable Side

Going back to the issue of trust with this one.  It’s not easy for men to show their vulnerable side.  But if you want to make her happy, you need to learn.  You must get comfortable with the idea of opening yourself up to her and telling her your feelings and emotions.  You can start small and work your way up to the bigger stuff, but you can’t neglect this one.

11. Be Friends with Her Friends

Your girlfriend’s friends mean a lot to her, so it’s important you get along with them too.  Although you don’t have to be best friends and join in on everything they do, you certainly need to make a good impression when her friends come around.  Her friends are also judging you, so you need to fit the part.

Treating a woman right isn’t as difficult as everyone thinks it is.  All you need to do is respect her, trust her, be honest with her, and put in the right efforts every day.

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