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Finding love in Philadelphia is about a lot more than simply wanting to be in a relationship so you can put an end to your lonely nights and weekends.  It’s about being emotionally ready to welcome someone else into your life.  You must already have a well-balanced life you’re very happy about before you’ll be able to create a happy and healthy relationship.

Happy couples don’t stay together by accident.  No, they stay together because they make a commitment to each other.  A long-term relationship is a result of two people working very hard to make things work out together, and the work doesn’t end just because you enter a relationship and get comfy together.  On the contrary, it increases day by day.  As professional matchmakers, we’re here to tell you that relationships aren’t easy obtain and are even more difficult to maintain.

If you have been single for a while and can’t find love in Philadelphia, then it might be your attitude that is getting in the way.  Today, our King of Prussia matchmakers will examine the top attitudes that will undoubtedly prevent you from finding love in the City of Brotherly Love.

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1. Believing That All the Good Ones Are Already Taken

It’s true, as we get older, a lot of things change, including our social lives.  Our social circles tend to get smaller; therefore, finding quality dates is even more difficult.  But as professional matchmakers, we know this doesn’t mean there isn’t someone out there who is perfect for you.  It just means you’re going to have to work a little harder to find them.

If you want to meet quality singles in Philadelphia or King of Prussia with ease, our expert matchmakers have an extensive database of relationship-minded singles who are waiting for the perfect partner to come along.  But there are also plenty of ways to find love in Philadelphia yourself.

Explore your hobbies and interests, socialize outside of your usual group, attend events and seminars, and do your everyday routines in different places.  But first, try to embrace your individuality and change any behaviors that will prevent you from finding love.  If you want to attract a quality partner, you must put out a positive energy yourself.

2. Fixating on “The One That Got Away”

There is no way you’ll ever find love in Philadelphia if you don’t get rid of the one that lives in your heart.  Take time to completely heal from your past relationship before you ever go back to dating again.  Get rid of old photos, remove them from social media, and immerse yourself in activities you love.  The more positive things you do for yourself, the easier it will be to heal and move on.

3. Thinking You’re Better Off Alone

This is a common defense single people use to prevent themselves from getting hurt again.  But listen to us, the experts in love: even introverts need companionship.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re better off alone.  There are many emotional, physical, and even financial benefits of being in a relationship.  We believe that real love is one of the best feelings in the world, so don’t ever swear it off.

4. Not Knowing How to Compromise

Some people find the early stages of the relationship to be a walk in the park but get frustrated down the road once things settle down.  We see this a lot with people that haven’t been in a relationship for a while because they don’t know how to compromise.  As professional matchmakers, we want you to know that if you want to have a successful relationship, you need to know how to compromise in every aspect of your life.

5. Looking for Mr. or Mrs. Perfect

People are not trophies.  You can’t search for love with the expectation of finding someone who is perfect.  Our matchmakers don’t arrange introductions based on outside appearances, and you shouldn’t be looking for a partner based on that either.  In other words, your dream partner doesn’t need to be a perfect 10 in the looks department.

It’s time to stop being so rigid and stop judging on appearances alone.  Our success here at Philadelphia Singles Dating Service comes from making matches that take everything into consideration.  We don’t match based on perfection.  We get to know each client personally and handpick matches based on common values, personality traits, relationship expectations, and lifestyle preferences, which lead to love.

6. Know Who You Want to Date

Some people aspire to date local celebrities, but realize that not everyone is cut out to date someone who is always traveling or working.  Your perfect match could be a nurse, lawyer, politician, or none of the above.  Our professional matchmakers want you to keep an open mind as you look for love in Philly and don’t rule out perfectly good matches too early on because they’re not the way you imagined.

7. Believing Everyone Wants Sex

It’s no secret that the Philly dating scene is dominated by the hookup culture.  But our expert matchmakers believe things will change as more and more people grow and establish themselves in their career.  Millennials and older singles become very interested in long-term monogamous relationships as they mature.  As people get older, they desire a true companionship, not a one night stand or a casual fling.  Our King of Prussia matchmaking firm anticipates 2017 to be the year you kick this notion to the curb and allow yourself to open up and find real love.

8. Jam Packing Your Schedule

You might have a wonderful career, but if you want to enjoy your success with a partner, you cannot jam pack your schedule.  Instead of overbooking your agenda, free up some time for dating.  Practice saying “No” when they ask for overtime, and don’t take all those extra projects that causes you to neglect your personal life.  If finding love is important to you, it’s time to make a commitment and invest in yourself this year.

9. Giving Up on Love

There is nothing worse than giving up on love because things don’t go your way.  We have heard it a thousand times here at Philadelphia Singles, so we know firsthand how challenging and frustrating dating in Philadelphia can be.  We don’t want you to give up just yet.  Come to us today and let us help you find the partner you deserve.

Don’t let the above nine attitude prevent you from finding love in the new year.  If you want to find love in Philadelphia, contact our expert matchmakers today and let us assist you on your search.  Fill out the private survey at the top of the page to reserve your complimentary 90 minute matchmaking consultation to start meeting relationship-minded singles in Philadelphia today!

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